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My name is Luna

Luna introducing herself to Ratchet & Clank on Pokitaru, SM

Luna was seemingly a small child Ratchet and Clank met at the Jowai Resort on Pokitaru, whom was busy doing a school project on heroes, until she became the secondary antagonist of Size Matters


A kidnapping

Ratchet and Clank met Luna, who was a doing a school project on heroes, Ratchet and Clank decided to fight some robots around Pokitaru, so that Luna would have some impressive photos for her project. After Ratchet and Clank's demonstration of their robot smashing abilities, she pretended to get kidnapped by a group of aliens called Technomites, so that the duo would try and save her.

Afterwards, Ratchet and Clank went to Kalidon to rescue Luna. They battled a ferocious creature named Mungo who was to guarding Luna but, after Mungo's defeat, Luna revealed itself to be working with the Technomites and zapped Clank unconscious and had several Technomite robot soldiers ambush Ratchet, to be taken to the Medical Outpost Omega space station to be cloned while Clank was sent off to fight for his life in the Destruction Derby on the planet Metalis.

Clank managed to escape Metalis and, after escaping the Medical Outpost with Ratchet, they found out on planet Challax that Luna was actually a robot puppet being controlled by the Technomites. It was built with the appearance of a little girl because the Technomites knew that Ratchet would not be able to resist helping it that way.

Battle on Dayni Moon and Death

The duo then confronted Luna on Dayni Moon, avoiding it in its harvester, various obstacles and Dayni Weresheep. Eventually, Ratchet and Clank survived the gauntlet and faced Luna. The Technomites inside it then said that they have grown bitterly envious from not having been given credit for their technology and sought revenge on the galaxy who had shunned them. Ratchet had meddled with their plans and easily beaten their forces, resulting in their goal to create an entire army of Ratchet clones to beat the young Lombax.

Luna then attempted to gun the duo down in its plane and then run them over with its harvester, but Ratchet escaped, and battled Luna on a platform at the end of the chase. The plane soon was destroyed and the robot puppet was finally defeated, sending it plummeting to its destruction, shutting down its CPU.


When Clank hacked the defeated Luna puppet's computer systems and obtained coordinates to the Clone Factory in Quodrona, unfortunately the Technomites planned this and planted a virus in Clank and shut him down, allowing the Technomites that were inside the Luna puppet to go inside him, so Ratchet shrank himself with the Shrink Ray and went inside him to save Clank. After defeating the Technomites inside Clank with help from Clank's security back-up, Ratchet and Clank headed to Quodrona while the Luna puppet was left behind.

In the end, the Technomites used the pictures that Luna and the cameras on Ryllus took to make the Ratchet clones act like Ratchet. Thus, Luna's only known purpose was to collect information about Ratchet in order to clone him.


A robot puppet, Luna takes on the appearance of a little girl with red hair and four pigtails so that the Technomites would trick Ratchet into helping it. It is dressed in blue overalls and a baby-pink shirt, with white and yellow shoes and a teddy-bear on its back like how Ratchet carries Clank on his.


  • Luna is the Latin word for "moon."
  • In ancient mythology, Luna was the goddess of the moon, and, ironically, it was destroyed on Dayni Moon.
  • In Dreamtime, the camera Luna had in Pokitaru was seen floating in some places. Luna herself was shown at one place to show where to jump to.
  • On Pokitaru, When Luna jumps over a gap, rocket exhaust exits her feet. This foreshadows that she is not as she seems. Also, she has an antennae sticking out of her head, also exposing her as a robot.
  • In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, one of the eggs found in the Molten Crater is named Luna.
  • Luna's voice was changed two times in the game, first its voice being a little girl voice, which was to lure Ratchet and Clank in, then its voice changed to a woman's voice, during Ratchet and Clank's assault on the Technomites, and finally, on Dayni Moon, its voice changed to a male voice, which actually are the Technomites controlling her.


Behind the scenes

  • Luna's voice was provided by Nicole Sullivan.
  • If you get seven skill points, you could unlock a cheat which would create the effect of Luna being on fire in-game during the first segment on Pokitaru. (this effect did not show in the pre-rendered cutscenes).


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