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Lumos was a rocky, dry planet situated in the Breegus Nebula of the Polaris Galaxy and was the homeworld of the Vullard species.[1] Lumos had an arid climate with very hot weather all year round and little rainfall.

The hot weather was probably influenced by its close proximity to the two suns located in the Korthos sector. The planet was once known for it's large supply of Raritanium, but is now known for being the most constantly invaded planet in the Polaris Galaxy because the Vullards are peaceful.


Pre-Ratchet and Clank

Lumos long ago was once renowned for vast amounts of Raritanium it carried, and was mined extensively by the natives, the Vullards. Azimuth and Kaden were known to mess around in Odin Caves after the Vullards went home from a hard days work.

As a possible repercussion of having peaceful natives and scores of valuable Raritanium in its cave, Lumos soon became infamous as the most invaded planet in the entire galaxy, as dozens of violent aliens races attempted to pry Lumos from the Vullards. The most notable of these hostile invaders were the warlike Agorians, who were continuing their Humiliate a Race Campaign originally iniated by Commander Argos.

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

During Ratchet's search for Clank, he traveled to Lumos in order to use an Obsidian Eye there. Under orders by Dr. Nefarious, Valkyries led by Cassiopeia, Carina and Libra ambushed Ratchet and Azimuth in Lumos' Space.

Cassiopeia and Carina chased Azimuth while Libra blockaded Lumos and fought Ratchet in her warship with her fighter support. Despite her skills and her ship's weapons, Ratchet destroyed Libra when he destroyed her ship. The Valkyries retreated back to Vapedia with Libra's defeat and the two Lombaxes landed on Lumos. Azimuth led him through Odin Caves, which was an old Raritanium Mine full of deadly Tetramites.

After Ratchet kept asking about what Nefarious meant that Azimuth was a disgrace to the Lombaxes, he admitted it was he who was responsible for the rise Imperial Army thanks to him trusting the deceitful Cragmite known as Percival Tachyon who promised to build weapons and machines to "enforce" peace and justice throughout the Polaris Galaxy.

Instead he invaded Fastoon, killing numerous Lombaxes such as Ratchet's Mother and Father. He mentioned that it was dire that they find Clank so that they could find the Great Clock to prevent the rise of Emperor Tachyon and to save Ratchet's family. After leaving Odin Caves, they noticed the Vullard Settlement of Krell Canyon was being invaded, for the 118 time to be precise, by the aggressive Agorians under the command of General Glahm. A Vullard begged for aid from the Lombaxes, but Azimuth told him he did not care about their petty squabbles and reminded Ratchet that their mission was about finding Zoni Temple in Vogal Caves. The Vullard seeing a chance to get them to aid the Vullards of the Vullard Settlement said he give them access to the caves if they fought off the invading Agorians.

They agreed and destroyed three Agorian Riders and their Agorian Beasts, destroyed two Hydra Tanks, destroyed fifty Talons and wasted numerous Agorians until they retreated to Huron Abyss. As promised, the Vullards gave access to Vogal Caves and even gave Ratchet an Omni-Soaker. After getting past even more Tetramites, they reached the Zoni Temple where they activated the Obsidian Eye and talked to Clank. Clank had recently discovered is father's fate on Zanifar and begged the two Lombaxes to prevent Orvus's disappearance. They agreed and left for Zanifar.




Wildlife and Flora


  • Tetramites

Other creatures



  • The Huron Abyss was Lumos's biggest tourist destination. People came from all across the universe just to throw stuff into it.
  • Krell Canyon on Lumos was the most invaded territory in the universe.[2]
  • Lumos had only a few lakes.


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