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Luminopolis was a city on planet Igliak.[1] Most notably, it was powered by Lumenoids, which meant it was a the perfect target for Nefarious to release the Light Eating Z'Grute onto it. Luminopolis was also the first level of All 4 One.[2]


Luminopolis was densely packed with tall, floating towers that hovered in the sky using large fans, similar to Stratus City. Many of the towers looked more or less identical, with a purple tint and blue lighting, while there was a reddish mist below the buildings. The city was also decorated with lilac-colored flora throughout its walkways.

The city had transport tunnels and skyways for air cars and air taxis to travel through. There were also grind tubes throughout the city.


Apogee Square was a prominent location in Luminopolis.[3] It suffered a citywide blackout that reached all the way to Grimgord Skyway. Presumably, it was named after either Talwyn or Max Apogee.

The Luminopolis Power Plant was a power plant located in Luminopolis. The Light Eating Z'Grute headed towards it during its rampage, in which the unidentified minions followed.[1] The Z'Grute went to it to take advantage of the abundant Lumenoids the power plant was harvesting. Scout Minions and a few Cleaner Minions were guarding the plant; however, when inside, the characters were bombarded with a flurry of released Lumenoids.

Mission objectives

To complete this mission, you must:

  • Fend off the Minions
  • Chase down the Z'Grute
  • Access the Fusion Turrets atop Zogg Tower
  • Defeat the Z'Grute


Luminopolis was powered by Lumenoid generators and conduits, which meant it was the perfect target for Nefarious to release the Z'Grute on. In order to prevent the Z'Grute from becoming stronger, the heroes had to destroy generators around city, such as in the Luminopolis Power Plant.[4]

Fusion Turrets being used on the roof of Zogg Tower

A blackout was triggered, that spread from Grimgord Skyway all the way to Apogee Square, by Ratchet, Clank and Qwark when they manned Fusion Turrets on top of Zogg Tower to destroy a power source before the Z'Grute could reach it. The Z'Grute was eventually stopped on the rooftop of Zogg Tower and fell to the depths below.




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