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Do you realize who you're messing with?! Commander Lornock Argos! The Butcher of Bernilius! The Killer of Korthos! History will remember me as the greatest warrior ever to live!

Commander Argos during his battle with Ratchet, ACiT

Commander Lornock Argos, known titles including the Butcher of Bernilius and Killer of Korthos, was famed Agorian known throughout the Polaris Galaxy for his savage conquests of Breegus System during his reign of terror.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Early claims to fame

Pathetic Lombax, you cannot defeat me! I've survived three galactic wars, withstood hours of Jargonian Needle Torture and endured an entire season of Two and a Half Blargs!

Commander Argos, ACiT

Lornock Agros was highly ambitious Agorian, and he quickly made a name for himself throughout the Polaris Galaxy. His record was spectacular, as he was known to have survived three galactic wars, withstood by hours being tortured by Jargonian Needle Torture and endured an entire season of Two and a Half Blargs.

Later on, he kickstarted the Agorian's notorious Humiliate a Race Campaign, resulting many humiliated (and dead) members of various sapient species, such as the Fongoids and Vullards. These campaigns were carried out in both the Bernilius Sector and the Korthos Sector (notably the planet Lumos, which had been invaded over 118 by the Agorians alone until both the Agorians and Vullards negotiated for peace), earning him the title of Killer of Korthos and the Butcher of Bernilius.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Battle of Gimlick Valley (original timeline)

Attention, miserable creatures. This is Commander Argos. Pursuant to article seventeen of the Agorian Code to Interstellar Acquisition. This sector belongs to me. Leave now or face execution by firing squad!

Lornock Argos, ACiT

Commander Argos campaigns throughout the Breegus System continued following his campaigns in the Bernilius Sector and the Korthos Sector, his next target was Corvus Sector.His forces soon occupied the sector's moons and placed fleets within the area; however, the sector's planet, Morklon, had been colonized by the Fongoids.

Commander Argos would lead his forces down toward the Erundai Outpost in Gimlick Valley, where the Fongoid colonists had transformed swamp into comfortable and beautiful. Commander Argos violent arrival in the valley caused widespread panic, causing the village's Chief Zahn Gribnack to lead a small army poorly equipped and poorly trained Fongoid warriors to confront Agros' forces. Alas, this only led to Zahn Gribnack and his men (including Tufor and Enat) to be captured and sent to the Containment Camp, where they would later be briefly pardoned, recaptured and then finally be executed. The loss of defenders cleared the way for Agros to lead a fleet of Talons aboard his Class-3 Agorian space cruiser to obliterate the Erundai Floodgate, which prevented the valley from flooding. The resulting destruction of the Erundai Flootgate killed all the Fongoid villagers (with the sole exception of Yurik), and the Agorians would later abandon Morklon, allowing for Gimlick Valley to transform back in marshlands.

Time Travel

Ten years later Ratchet and Clank used a time portal created by Sigmund to travel ten years back in time to the Battle of Gimlick Valley. Ratchet was able to break through the Agorian barrier and free Zahn Gribnack. Then Argos released a pair of upgraded elite hydra tanks in hopes of destroying the floodgate. Ratchet was able to defeat the tanks before they were able to destroy the floodgate.

Battle with Ratchet & Clank

Argos then appeared on a Class-3 Agorian Space Cruiser and went on top of the floodgate to destroy it himself. Ratchet had an idea and planted some vine seeds. They then returned to the present time where the vines were fully grown. Ratchet then used his Grind Boots to ride the vine. A part of the last vine went through the time portal and to the past. The part of the vine took Ratchet on top of the floodgate so that he could confront Argos.


"Aaah! I can't Swim! Momma! Your little boo-boo needs help! Momma!"

—Commander Argos's last words

Ratchet defeated Argos and the Commander's ship fell and sunk into the ravine. When Ratchet and Clank returned to the present, the Gimlick Valley was no longer a swamp, but a peaceful Fongoid village due to the defeat of the Agorians.


  • Argos is an actual Greek city, known for its power in the military.[1]
  • Argos before his defeat by Ratchet and Clank was renowned as honorable.
  • Argos once endured Jargonian Needle Torture.

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