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The Lombax History Wing, also known as the Lombax History Hall was a section of the Intergalactic Museum of History focused on the history of the Lombax race. It held a statue of Ratchet and Clank, Alister Azimuth and statue of Percival Tachyon with an actual (though no longer functional) Dimensionator on his head.

The Lombax History Wing also had several portraits, including the Monoloth Fields of planet Torren IV, the Great Clock, Metropolis of planet Kerwan and a portrait of Percival Tachyon.

Other species

Clank and Tachyon were located in the Lombax History Wing, despite not being Lombaxes. This may be due to the influence they had on the lombaxes, whether it was on the entire race (like Tachyon) or its individual members (like Clank).


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