Can't read Lombax either, huh?

Talwyn to Ratchet., ToD

The Lombax alphabet

Lombax was a language commonly used by Lombaxes and some other species.[1] The written form mainly consisted of circles with different shapes 'cut out', often in the shape of machinery like bolts. Ratchet could not speak or read Lombax despite being one. There was Lombax writing written on the Aphelion spelling out the ship's name and the word 'angel'.


New letter in Lombax language(it is the letter X)

Notable speakers

Behind the scenes

  • Grant Hollis designed the Lombax font.[3]
  • The Lombax alphabet was found by taking the translations of the Lombax language seen written in Tools of Destruction and working out each letter in English.
  • The letter J is not currently used in the game.
  • Each letter appears to be based on a bolt or wrench.



Image from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • There are three typos in the cutscene on Rykan V on the door. The four sections of words are evenly split up, but when Talwyn says "You've traveled far, but to be clear," the word "clear" is actually beginning the fourth section. Also, the word "clear" is misspelled as "cleas." Lastly, Talwyn says "To quell the angry Cragmite storm" when the door says "To quell THIS angry Cragmite storm."
  • "K" is actually used on the beginning of A Crack in Time where it says Captain Qwark on the bottom right corner of his "My Blaster Runs Hot" pictures.
  • The letter J is currently unknown.
  • The letter for X was revealed in All 4 One.
  • The letter for Z was revealed in the endgame credits for Into the Nexus.
  • The Lombax artifact that Ratchet acquires at planet Ardolis in Tools of Destruction has Lombax writing on it. When translated, it says "map."
  • Qwark was able to read Lombax writing in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.
  • It's humorously implied that speaking a different language's words and sentences while speaking in the Lombax language would mean something else entirely. As Frumpus Croid thought differently compared to what Ratchet said to him.
    • While Ratchet never knew how to the Lombax language, Croid is always under the assumption that Ratchet was speaking in Lombax the entire time.



Notes and references

  1. Talwyn speaks it, and is also surprised that a Lombax, Ratchet, does not speak it. All shown in ToD.
  2. Alister Azimuth was the high councilman of one of the biggest Lombax organisations, lived on Fastoon, and markings can be seen in his home in Torren IV.
  3. Twitter logo Tweet by @{{{name}}} on Twitter.

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