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Lombaxes are a recurring species in the Ratchet & Clank series, and the species of the main protagonist Ratchet. They are a humanoid, feline-like species of renowned engineers hailing from planet Fastoon in the Polaris Galaxy. They have developed some of the universe's most advanced technology in the form of powerful weaponry and fast spaceships, and have an innate affinity towards machinery. Notable lombax technologies include the half tool, half weapon OmniWrench and Hoverboots.

The lombaxes were once revered as heroes after defeating the cragmites in the Great War. However, a surviving cragmite, Emperor Tachyon, has since banished them from the universe. They are now thought to be a mostly extinct race, and the only lombaxes seen in the series are Ratchet, Angela Cross, and Alister Azimuth. Another lombax from another dimension named Rivet appears in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank

The lombaxes originated from Fastoon in the Polaris Galaxy, and many years ago fought a Great War against the cragmite empire. The Great War at first reached a stalemate, with the Center for Advanced Lombax Research later developing a weapon to break the stalemate and end the war: a powerful device known as the Dimensionator. This allowed the lombaxes to banish the cragmites to another dimension entirely, effectively winning the war by default. For this and many other acts of heroism, they were hailed as saviors by the peoples of Polaris.

Years later, the lombaxes found a single cragmite egg in their Trillium mines. Taking pity on this orphaned refugee, they would hatch and raise the young cragmite, Percival Tachyon, as one of their own on Fastoon. Tachyon grew up to be an inventor of considerable talent who proposed many ideas to lombaxes, light years beyond what they were currently using, including the blueprints for weapons that would be present in his own Drophyd armies later. Most lombaxes, including Kaden, were skeptical of Tachyon's ideas and motives, but Alister Azimuth trusted him, reasoning that Polaris was still a dangerous place and that they would need the help that his inventions could provide. Azimuth later granted him full access to hidden archives containing all the blueprints for some of the most advanced lombax technology; however, Tachyon, after learning about his true origins, became bitter towards the Lombaxes, and betrayed them so that he could build his own army and renew the Cragmite empire.

The lombaxes fought and lost against Tachyon's drophyd armies, eventually being driven back to Fastoon. Within the Court of Azimuth, they used the Dimensionator to flee to their own dimension. Alister Azimuth was exiled for his failures, while Kaden stayed behind with his son to guard the Dimensionator. Kaden then sent Ratchet to the Solana Galaxy, though Tachyon eventually caught up with and killed Kaden.

Ratchet & Clank onwards

Ratchet grew up on planet Veldin in the Solana Galaxy, where he left the planet after he met Clank, a robot with a Zoni soul who allowed him to pursue many adventures throughout the universe. In the Bogon Galaxy, Ratchet and Clank met another lombax, Angela Cross, who had worked for Megacorp until it was hijacked by Captain Qwark for his own selfish needs. The three stopped Qwark, and the duo returned to Solana to defeat Dr. Nefarious. Sometime after, Angela Cross traveled with Max Apogee to escape Tachyon's persecution, fleeing to Polaris and later disappearing along with him after escaping the Cerullean Sector.[1]

As part of his plan to become the most intelligent being in the universe, Technomite Emperor Otto Destruct began the creation of an army of Ratchet clones. After his defeat these clones were repurposed as "Battle Ratchets".

Ratchet looking into the lombax dimension

Later, Tachyon found Ratchet on the planet Kerwan, destroying the planets capital until he believed Ratchet was killed. Ratchet instead followed Tachyon to the Polaris Galaxy, where he learned the history of his race and found the hidden Dimensionator, located on planet Jasindu. After the Dimensionator switched hands a few times, Tachyon took it for himself and brought the cragmites back into the universe. Ratchet defeated the cragmites, and finally caught up with Tachyon, who told Ratchet of the lombax dimension and offered to allow him to join his race. Ratchet refused, reasoning that Tachyon would not leave the galaxy alone, and instead defeated Tachyon and banished him into another dimension entirely.

Inmates of lombax descent are mentioned to be present in Zordoom Prison.

Ratchet later met Alister Azimuth, a friend of Ratchet's father, Kaden. Azimuth wished to find the Great Clock and use it to correct his own mistakes and bring the lombaxes back. Azimuth eventually fought Ratchet and Clank and attempted to use the Clock to rewind time; however, upon learning that the Clock could not be used as a time machine and that doing so risked destroying the universe, Azimuth stopped the Clock in its tracks, dying in the process. This left Ratchet as the last known lombax in the universe.

Ratchet had another chance to be reunited with his race after Vendra Prog and her brother Neftin Prog recreated a Dimensionator to bring the nethers into the universe. In the end, Ratchet left the Dimensionator broken, believing he had too much in his own dimension to leave it simply to join the lombaxes.



Angela Cross, the first female lombax seen

Lombaxes are feline-like humanoid aliens possessing large heads, hands, and feet, as well as pointy ears. Their fur has been seen to have ranging color palettes from Ratchet's yellow fur with brown stripes to Alister Azimuth's white fur with maroon stripes, to Rivet's light blue-ish white fur, with pigeon blue stripes. This fur can also resemble facial hair, as seen with Azimuth's mutton chops. Lombaxes are also sexually dimorphic with female lombaxes possessing breasts, and being able to grow hair (as seen with Angela's ponytail).

Lombaxes are notable for possessing palms with five fingers as opposed to the typical three, which is advantageous when wielding weapons and operating machinery. Their feet are triangular and flat on the bottom, and lacking toes, instead featuring two large claws and one smaller (almost vestigial) claw on each foot. Lombaxes also appear to have very varied facial structure, ranging from a sunken muzzle with a rough brow ridge to a rounder structure with a definite muzzle and cheeks.

Despite their relatively small size and stature, Lombaxes also appear to posses unusual strength and durability for their size. Rivet was able to stop the finger of Fixer from crushing her and Clank, Azimuth managed to revert the Great Clock’s large mechanisms back into place with the help of his Praetorian OmniWrench, and Ratchet has frequently gone hand-to-hand with monsters and machines far larger than him.

Lombaxes are stated to be an example of "single brained organisms" by a Terachnoid Lab Assistant.


The lombax alphabet

Lombaxes were known not only as engineers but also great warriors, being the only race capable of matching the cragmites in all-out war. Little else is known about lombax society, though they are highly revered throughout Polaris and Ratchet's race is considered notable by aliens in other galaxies and are often brought up. Lombaxes are known to have their own language, which Talwyn Apogee can speak. The language consists of circles with different shapes cut out, often in the shape of machinery like Bolts.

The lombaxes had elite warriors in the form of the Lombax Praetorian Guard. General Alister Azimuth is the only known member, with the rank of 4-Bolt Magistrate (where "Bolt" is presumably the equivalent of "Star" in the United States military). The Guard made use of their own Hoverboots, the trillium armor and wielded double-bladed Praetorian OmniWrenches for close-quarters combat.


Lombax ruins on Fastoon

Lombaxes appeared to live in large cities, as seen in the ruins of Fastoon and in glimpses of the lombax dimension. The architecture seen in these cities somewhat resembles Meridian City on planet Igliak, suggesting the lombaxes inspired its architecture.


Ratchet, a male Lombax

Note to self: Never mess with a trigger happy Lombax.

Annihilation Nation commentator., UYA

Lombaxes are well known and revered throughout the Polaris Galaxy for their advanced technological knowledge. Lombaxes rarely used unmodified equipment, and are well known for inventing and modifying technology on their own. Additionally, through research centers such as the Center for Advanced Lombax Research, extremely intelligent lombaxes worked in groups to finish large projects, such as the Dimensionator.

Lombaxes were also known for enjoying high speeds and being proficient with weaponry. The cragmites, according to statements by Percival Tachyon, considered the 'typical' Lombax to be "noble" and "courageous".[2]


The most common and well-known lombax weapon is the OmniWrench. Ratchet wields many different OmniWrenches collected throughout his adventures from different manufacturers, while Azimuth wields his own double-bladed Praetorian OmniWrench. Another powerful lombax weapon is the Alpha Disruptor, a nano-weapon which fires a beam of plasma that can hit multiple enemies, and was powerful enough to be ranked third on the Polaris Compendium of Ridiculously Overpowered Weapons.

Lombaxes are also known to have developed very fast spaceships, which are sentient. Ratchet finds Aphelion on Fastoon, a ship that he can later modify by collecting Zoni. Azimuth has his own lombax ship with the same design as Aphelion. Lombaxes are also known to develop ground vehicles, such as the Gyro-cycle, as well as ion propulsion cells and zero-g stabilizers used in transportation devices such as the Hoverboots.

Lombaxes were known to have mined a material known as trillium, used in their own armor, an armor set Ratchet can later acquire in Tools of Destruction.

Behind the scenes

Color testing for Ratchet

Insomniac CEO, Ted Price, named the lombax species.[3][4]

Ratchet's race was originally not designed as a cat-like creature, as he was first going to appear as a more reptilian alien.[5] David Guertin of Insomniac eventually altered the design until the team settled on a brown fur design.[6][7] Sony's Japanese animators suggested using a yellow color for Ratchet and adding stripes to the ears to appeal more to a Japanese audience, changes Ted Price of Insomniac stated the team would make "over my dead body", though these were implemented by Guertin nonetheless and they were accepted by the team.[6][8] Lombaxes were given five fingers rather than less to be more culturally acceptable to Japanese audiences, a decision made by Insomniac as a result of conventional wisdom rather than a suggestion by Sony of Japan.[8]

A lombax mouse with a robot

Prior to A Crack in Time, debate existed amongst fans as to whether or not Angela was a lombax, based on having no tail, on Ratchet being referred to as "the last lombax" in Tools of Destruction, and on a lack of clarity as to Angela's race. Her race was then confirmed in a space radio segment in A Crack in Time.[1] Writer TJ Fixman reiterated at the Ratchet & Clank 10th anniversary panel that she is in fact a lombax.[6]

Grant Hollis of Insomniac Games designed the lombax alphabet.[9] All letters are known apart from the letter "J", and each letter appears to resemble a bolt or wrench.

Artwork for A Crack in Time included a lombax with a robot.


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