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No longer will our kind remain trapped on this primitive planet! No, we will spread out, and rip this Universe apart! Planet by planet, star by star, until nothing but dust remains!

The Loki Master, A4O

The Loki Master, also known as the Toranux Spirit or Mr. Dinkles, was the real mastermind behind the Creature Collector, rather than Nevo Binklemeyer. He used Ephemeris to gather the galaxy's most dangerous predators to use as hosts for him and his kind so that they could wreak havoc across the galaxy.


Early life

The Loki Master was part of a race of malevolent spirits called the Loki, who sought the end of all organic life. At an unknown period of time, a Cragmite warrior named Bagogg crash landed on planet Toranux and hid there for three years. Once he managed to escape back to Reepor, he destroyed the planet with a class three planet smasher, blasting the planet to pieces. One piece, hosting the Loki Master and other Loki, landed in the Terrawatt Forest of Planet Magnus. The Loki Master and his kind were forced to possess some of the small creatures of Magnus (As they could not survive outside a host and they could not control larger creatures). He possessed Mr. Dinkles, a creature owned by Dr. Croid, a Tharpod paradoxologist.

Life with Dr. Croid

You should have seen the look on Nevo's face. He even tried to stop me, if you can believe it! I would have disposed of him, but he's actually been quite useful, building my collectors, modifying Ephemeris, he's been a wonderful pet.

The Loki Master recalling the events which led to the creation of the Bouncer Army., A4O

Dr. Croid and his associate Nevo Binklemeyer were studying the effects creatures had their owners. Using a vectomorphic trisiliscope, Croid managed to discover a strange energy within Mr. Dinkles which, unbeknownst to them at the time, was actually the Loki Master. Nevo proposed to modify the Protomorphic Energy Extractor to separate the energy from Mr. Dinkles. This sparked an interest with the Loki Master, so that he decided to steal the Extractor for his own purposes. Nevo discovered this and attempted to stop him, but the Loki Master pulled out a blaster, threatening to kill Nevo if he didn't help him. Croid later discovered the theft and thought that Nevo was behind it and that he kidnapped Mr. Dinkles. To that end, Croid build Ephemeris, and using a strand of Mr. Dinkles DNA, programmed it to find him. He unknowingly played right into the Loki Master's hands however, as he and Nevo managed to find Ephemeris. He ordered Nevo to modify it for interstellar travel and had him build an army of robots called Collectors, along with Commander Spog to act as an emissary. With all this at his disposal, the Loki Master began to put his plan into motion.

Planning the Return of the Loki

With Ephemeris modified for interstellar travel, the Loki Master traveled all across the galaxy, gathering the galaxy's most dangerous predators. He also had Ephemeris collect the shards of the destroyed planet Toranaux. He planned to use the Energy Extractor to force his kind into the bodies of the creatures as they could not control larger life forms. He then attacked Uzo City with his army of collectors and drove the Tharpods out. He wanted to use Magnus as a reserve for all the creatures he captured. All seemed to be going according to plan, but Ephemeris traveled to Planet Igliak and captured a Light Eating Z'Grute in Luminopolis and consequently captured Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Nefarious who traveled all across Magnus, disrupting the Loki Master's plans (although they were unaware of his existence at the time and believed Nevo was behind the scheme).

When the heroes went to the Oktonok Reef, the Master (possessing a Slorg) angrily looked at them and then left.

Final Battle and Death

This is the future! A machine that can force our consciousness into vessels worthy of our intelligence. With this, Toranux will be reborn! And I can't have you lot ruining it.

The Loki Master during the final battle., A4O

Ratchet and the gang, with help from Commander Spog, managed to reach the core of Ephemeris and found Nevo, who was extremely distraught at their appearance. The Loki Master, under the guise of Mr. Dinkles, confronted the gang and explained his ultimate goal. He then engaged them in battle using his weaponized hoverthrone and his minions, during which he hints that his first target may be Igliak. Halfway through the fight, he goes into a monologue about how their efforts to stop him were pointless as he would soon have enough creatures for his kind to possess before being hit by Nevo. Enraged, he drew his blaster and attempted to kill him, but was stopped by Dr. Croid, who managed to knock him out of his hoverthrone. Desperate, the Loki Master activated the Protomorphic Energy Extractor and transferred his spirit into the body of a Rykan V Grivelnox. He then engaged the heroes in a grand final battle, proving to be a deadly opponent due to the Grivelnox's natural ability to augment its body by digesting other creatures. The gang, with help from Nevo and Croid, managed to force the Loki Master out of the Grivelnox. In need of a host, he attempted to possess Qwark, but was stopped by Nefarious, who smacks the spirit aside with ease. Unable to survive without a host, the Loki Master fades into nothing. The planet shards are later destroyed, thus ending the threat of the Loki.

Powers and abilities

The Loki Master had the ability to possess organic life forms, and in doing so, use the host's powers and abilities. He also had the ability to fly, which seemed to be his only mode of transportation due to his lack of visible legs. However, he could not survive outside a host and would die unless he possessed one. Also, despite being a spirit, he was still tangible enough to be harmed by weapon fire and physical contact. Even though he was able to be damaged, the Loki Master possessed great durability - as he managed to survive Planet Toranux being destroyed by a Class Three Planet Smasher; however, he was not durable to survive his battle with the Fearsome Foursome.

Creatures controlled by the Master


  • In Norse mythology, Loki was the trickster brother of Thor, the son of Odin. Loki was also the god of mischief.
  • It seems that the Loki Master was unable to speak while outside a host. No reason has been given to explain such phenomena.
  • The Loki Master claimed to be a super intelligent being. Ironically, while outside a host, the Loki Master displayed a somewhat animalistic behaviour.
  • When playing as Dr. Nefarious, and after being knocked out by the Loki Master, he would sometimes say: "It's a shame it has come to this Doctor. I was a big fan of your work…"
  • According to the Loki Master, he has never killed a Lombax before, but when defeating Ratchet, he reveals that he kinda enjoyed it.




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