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Locate the Gravity Stabilizer is a mission in Ratchet & Clank, taking place in the Deplanetizer. After Ratchet and Clank obtained the Hologuise on Kalebo III, they were able to access the Deplanetizer from the inside, per Elaris' plan to move the Deplanetizer off-course with Mag Boosters once its gravity stabilizer was removed inside. Meanwhile, Dr. Nefarious betrayed Chairman Drek with the goal of destroying Umbris, taking out other planets in the star system with it due to its unstable core and an alignment of planets.


Head upstairs to the Gadgetron vendor, and purchase any weapons you have not already bought and spend any remaining Raritanium. For this mission, little combat is involved, so weaponry will be useful later.

In the beginning, you will find a yellow pad with a blue Qwark hologram. Activate your Hologuise to disguise as Captain Qwark, then step over the pad to open the door through. You will see a demonstration of the "Kill Intruders" button; if a warbot is allowed to hit the button, a sanitation field will activate and lasers will fill the room and kill you instantly, so proceed with caution. From here, head through the corridor and jump up (jumping or attacking will disable your Hologuise) to stand on the next pad. Take the corridor to the left and press Circle to wave at the warbot in front of the button. When the warbot waves back, it will let you through the green forcefield to the next room. Once here, kill the warbot and reactivate the Hologuise.

Head to the left and step over the Qwark pad to a new corridor. Here, a warbot will be patrolling in the upper level. Wait until they're looking away, then jump up to it and quickly reactivate the Hologuise to avoid detection. Walk past it and wave to the warbot on the other side of the next warbot to be allowed through. Quickly kill the warbots here, then head over and hit the next Qwark pad. If you have not already obtained it, a gold bolt can be found in the top of the room; look for the green button on the right from where Drek's office terminal is, shoot it, and then climb up the ledge that falls down and jump across the platforms to reach it, before you then head down, reactivate your Hologuise, and proceed across.

In this corridor, you need to jump across two platforms without the warbot detecting you. Wait until it turns its back, then jump across a platform (or two if you are feeling confident), and quickly reactivate the Hologuise. On the nearest platform, wave at it, and then wait until it turns its back to jump over, but don't destroy it yet. Reactivate the Hologuise and walk through this room. On the right, a warbot stands next to a "Kill Intruders" button. Walk over to the button, then kill the warbot, along with the other warbots and robomutts in the room.

The door is locked, so instead, get to the back of the room and climb up the ledges leading to top of the pillar in the middle, then climb across the walls on the side. Eventually, you will be on a ledge just below the top level of the room, and a warbot will look out. Destroy it before it hits the button, then head through the door with the Hologuise on and step over the Qwark pad. The next room contains an elevator leading down. Walk over to it and descend on the elevator with the Hologuise still active, then walk over to the "Kill Intruders" button on the left end of the room and kill the warbot guarding it and clear out the room. More warbot reinforcements will arrive, so ensure you stand close to the button, and use defensive weapons such as the Glove of Doom, Proton Drum, Groovitron, and also use ranged weapons such as the Warmonger and Buzz Blades to hit enemies from a distance. Continue until no warbots remain, head through the door at the end of the room, and take the elevator in here up to the next area.

Stand on the Qwark pad in this corridor and once again stand by the "Kill Intruders" button, then deactivate the Hologuise and clear out the room, similar to before, defending the button so no warbot can activate it. If a warbot appears close to the button, use the Groovitron to disable them and move on. Once all are defeated, head to the end of the room through the door with the next pad, step over it with the Hologuise opening the door to another corridor with three platforms and a warbot overseeing them. As before, wait until the warbot turns its back, and wait until the mines have gone, to jump across a platform. Once you reach the third platform, wave at it, jump across at the right moment, and destroy this warbot. Reactivate the Hologuise to the next room.

Here, a grav-ramp on the left leads across, but can be traversed while the Hologuise is still active. Head across, avoiding all lasers and mines, then destroy the warbot and head through. Use the vendor to refill ammo, then stand on the next Qwark pad, and you will enter the room with the Security Terminal. Run to the end of the room, next to the "Kill Intruders" button, and then kill all enemies in the room. As before, use a mix of defensive and long-ranged weapons to take out all the reinforcements. Once all are defeated, turn to the back of the room and use the Trespasser, revealing the location of the gravity stabilizer, and commencing the mission "Head to the Core".