Locate Captain Qwark

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Locate Captain Qwark and Bribe the bodyguard are missions in Ratchet & Clank. After discovering an infobot at the end of the "Explore the blarg warship" mission, Ratchet and Clank found out Qwark was to hand out a prize to the winner of the Hovercon Intergalactic Hoverboard Competition on planet Rilgar.

Upon finding Qwark's trailer, however, his bouncer denied the two entry, as he demanded 4,000 bolts before doing so. This introduced the mission "Bribe the bodyguard". After doing so, they finally gained entry into the trailer and met Captain Qwark.


Upon landing on Rilgar, take the left path across the water by using your Swingshot, taking care to avoid falling into the water, in which sharkigators swim about, and will swallow you after a brief moment. After an elevator, you will enter a large water-filled chamber with an Insta-Faucet in front of you. Use the Hydrodisplacer to take out all the water, allowing you to reach the next platform. Use the Insta-Drain nearby to fill the next space, allowing you to enter the tunnel positioned high up in the wall. Drain the water again once in the next room. Next, enter into a second tunnel to destroy a grating, then return and raise the water level so that you can swim through the now-underwater tunnel. Once through, swim upwards and climb onto the ledge. Here, you will find some crates to smash. The only way forward is by sliding down through a steep slope in a tunnel, which then deposits you into a room with a button and a locked gate.

Stepping on the button causes the chamber to flood and the door to open, after which the entire complex will slowly fill with water. Keep running, ideally using the Heli-Pack's stretch jumps to gain more distance, to avoid the water. Up ahead is a long, thin, and curving path atop a series of basins, which you must avoid falling into lest you lose valuable time, while either dodging or killing the few amoeboids that block your path. Afterwards, keep heading forward and then leap across the series of platforms to enter a hallway that is already flooded. Keep swimming until you reach a ladder and another large chamber with several lone platforms. A final flooded tunnel is, from then on, the only thing blocking you from the exit.

After taking the elevator, approach Qwark's Bouncer, effectively ending the mission "Locate Captain Qwark" and starting "Bribe the bodyguard". Pay him the requested 4,000 bolts to subsequently end this mission as well.

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