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Light Eating Z'Grute

The Light Eating Z'Grute, commonly shortened to Z'Grute, was an enormous beast that was frozen in cryosleep as a statue and was later unleashed by Dr. Nefarious to destroy Ratchet, Clank and Qwark, but instead began to terrorize Luminopolis. This creature was so rare, it attracted the attention of the Creature Collector.

The Intergalactic Tool of Justice trophy

Defeating the Z'Grute rewards the player with a hidden bronze trophy.


Qwark mentioned that, prior to Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, he had encountered at least two Z'Grutes previously, also due to accepting an award that he had not actually earned. In a last-ditch effort to destroy Captain Qwark, Dr. Nefarious invited Qwark to a fake ceremony to receive an Intergalactic Tool of Justice Award. Ratchet and Clank tagged along to make sure everything was okay. During the ceremony, Nefarious appeared and ordered Lawrence to awaken the Z'Grute (who was suspended in cryosleep). However, the doctor's plans went awry when the Z'Grute turned on him and went on a rampage through the city, consuming every energy source it could find. Also, awakening the Z'Grute attracted the attention of the evil Creature Collector, who sent his minions to Luminopolis to capture the beast. After a citywide chase, Ratchet and Clank, with some reluctant help from Qwark and Nefarious, managed to defeat the Z'Grute by using the fusion turrets on Zogg Tower. The victory; however, was short lived as the Creature Collector, AKA Ephemeris, appeared and took not only the Z'Grute, but also Ratchet and the gang.

During the final stage of the game, a Z'Grute (possibly the same one) is eaten by the Loki Master possessed Grivelnox, giving it the Z'Grute's abilities.


The Z'Grute possessed powerful bio-electric abilities. Like its name suggests, its main ability was to absorb and consume electrical energy. The Z'Grute absorbed any source of energy by either devouring the it (a Lumenoid), or by draining the energy with its paws, demonstrated by how it could drain the energy from Nefarious's hovercraft with its mouth, or how it drained energy from Lumenoid generators. It could use the energy it absorbed to heal itself from damage. It could also use its bio-electricity as a form of attack by firing electric bolts from its mouth or paws. It could also conduct electricity, seen as how it electrified the panels during its battles with the heroes.


  • According to Pepper Fairbanks, the Z'Grute was the seventh massive creature of destruction that Qwark helped unleash upon a major city since his inauguration as Galactic President.[1]
  • The Z'Grute was the first, and currently only, non-humanoid creature to have five fingers rather than the standard three.
  • The Z'Grute seemed to have shrunk during the Grivelnox battle. One of the Z'Grutes teeth is as large as Captain Qwark, but this is oddly true for the Grvielnox, also. This is odd because the Grivelnox was able to eat the Z'Grute almost whole. This does not make any sense as the Grivelnox appeared to be the same size as the Z'Grute at the beginning of All 4 One, although it could just have been a younger Z'Grute.


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