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The Levitator is an item in Going Commando. It is an upgrade for Clank that allows Ratchet to fly through the air when obtaining fuel and launching from Levitator Pads. It is controlled by holding down X to ascend; ascending will consume fuel, while letting go of X in midair allows Ratchet to glide and slowly descend. The Levitator replaces Clank's arms with wings, similar to those of the Thruster-Pack, but longer and retractable, while the feet are the same small thrusters on both. The wings are each connected by a tube to a large single thruster on the back of Clank.

In Into the Nexus, the GrummelNet Jetpack can be obtained, which functions similarly.


Levitator gameplay

Ratchet using the Levitator.

Ratchet purchased the Levitator during "Enter the Megacorp Games" on Joba, after he encountered the Shady Salesman outside outside the entrance to the Megacorp Games arena. The salesman acquired it from the blarg (and the instructions were still written in blargian),[1] and offered it to Ratchet and Clank for 20,000 bolts. Ratchet and Clank then used it to fly towards the arena.

The two later used the Levitator in Silver City, Boldan, during "Open the main entrance", as they had to use the Levitator to fly through the hyper-expressway and open the entrance from inside. They also used it in the Thugs-4-Less Prison, on Aranos, during both "Turn off forcefield" and "Explore the rest of the flying base", to fly over areas inside the ship that were impassable due to lava. Finally, Ratchet used the Levitator in the distribution facility, on Smolg, to fly from and to several of the floating platforms during the mission "Explore the docked ships".

The Levitator was also used to obtain platinum bolts on Joba and Smolg.

Behind the scenes

Levitator Pad promo render

The Levitator pad.

The Levitator, when prototyped, would provide free, unlimited flight. This was scaled back as it broke level design too much.[2]


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