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Lawrence is a minor antagonist in Up Your Arsenal and A Crack in Time, with appearances in Deadlocked and All 4 One. He is Dr. Nefarious' robot butler. Lawrence has saved Nefarious' life more than once, and serves him loyally. However, he often spites Nefarious with subtle insults.

Lawrence served Nefarious since he was an organic lifeform, and remained at his side after he was transformed into a robot. When Captain Qwark defeated Nefarious in Metropolis, Lawrence incapacitated Qwark and rescued Nefarious. Lawrence then served under Nefarious during his war against the Solana Galaxy, in which Nefarious plotted to transform all organic lifeforms to robots with the Biobliterator, and again in the Polaris Galaxy when Nefarious plotted to control the Great Clock to alter time. On both occasions, Lawrence was responsible for teleporting Nefarious away from danger, inches before death. However, when Nefarious' plot to defeat Qwark, Ratchet, and Clank with a Light-Eating Z'Grute failed, Lawrence resigned, only to return to Nefarious' employ at the end.


Before Up Your Arsenal

Lawrence escapes Rilgar with Nefarious.

Lawrence was hired at some point by then-organic life form Dr. Nefarious, an archetypal mad scientist. He assisted Nefarious in the creation of the amoeboid in Blackwater City, Rilgar, which Nefarious hoped would eliminate all life on the planet. Lawrence remarked sardonically that it would resolve qualms about the doctor's madness.[1] Captain Qwark defeated Nefarious' amoeboid army, causing Nefarious to flee in disgrace with Lawrence, while Qwark clung onto their ship.[2]

Lawrence with Nefarious on Magmos.

The duo traveled for six days until reaching Nefarious' secret base on Magmos. Once there, Qwark attempted to disguise himself as a pizza delivery woman to infiltrate Nefarious' laboratory. Nefarious was surprised at Qwark's stupidity, though Lawrence remarked that even "drooling idiots" can achieve success in some fields such as mad science, a subtle jab at Nefarious.[3] Even after Nefarious activated his base' defenses, Qwark defeated Nefarious there, causing him to transform into a robot. Lawrence remained with Nefarious following the transformation.

Lawrence fixes Nefarious.

Lawrence then accompanied Nefarious to Metropolis, Kerwan, where Nefarious unleashed an army of insectoid swarms. While Lawrence went to pick up new crushed velvet curtains for the torture chamber, Qwark defeated Nefarious, and tossed his head into a trash can. Lawrence returned and caught Qwark off-guard, incapacitating him with a hammer, picked up Nefarious, and took them both back to Nefarious' lair. While leaving Qwark in a secret prison, Nefarious demanded Lawrence give him a massage, allowing Qwark to escape.[4] Lawrence suggested flooding the facility with boiling acid to kill off Qwark, which Nefarious was keen for,[5] though this did not kill Qwark. Meanwhile, Lawrence attempted to screw Nefarious' head back onto his body, but screwed it on backward by accident. This infuriated Nefarious, but in a fit of rage, he froze up, and began playing a Lance and Janice episode. Lawrence opted not to fix the malfunction.[6]

Up Your Arsenal

Lawrence during Nefarious' broadcast.

Following Nefarious' tyhrranoid invasion of Veldin, and during an invasion of the presidential palace on Marcadia, Nefarious broadcast a message to the Solana Galaxy, in which he addressed robots claiming the "hour of your liberation" was at hand. Lawrence appeared on this broadcast, translating it into sign language.

Lawrence informing Nefarious of the Q-Force.

Lawrence continued to perform Nefarious' chores upon his flagship, the Leviathan, while Nefarious watched episodes of Secret Agent Clank. Lawrence informed Nefarious when his base on Aquatos had been infiltrated, and elaborated that Captain Qwark and his newly-formed Q-Force were behind the attack.[7] Lawrence later appeared on Supervillain Weekly, filmed on Daxx, where he briefly discussed the Biobliterator, and questioned the use of the term "superweapon" to describe the weapon.[8] He also, along with Nefarious, beamed a transmission on-board the Starship Phoenix taunting the Q-Force.[9]

Lawrence with Nefarious on Metropolis.

Later, Ratchet and Qwark confronted Nefarious on the Leviathan, though Nefarious had merely set them up for a trap to kill them, and initiated a self-destruct sequence. Lawrence teleported them both out after initiating the sequence, though he left Nefarious hanging for a few minutes, presumably for his own amusement.[10] Lawrence also accompanied Nefarious to Metropolis, where Nefarious first used the Biobliterator to transform the city's population to robots. Lawrence handed Nefarious the switch for the Biobliterator, though not before mistakenly handing one that displayed a hologram of Nefarious' performance for Galactic Idol.[11] Once Ratchet encountered them, Lawrence teleported himself and Nefarious away after Nefarious taunted Ratchet and sent Klunk to defeat him.

Lawrence's voicemail.

Ratchet and Clank confronted Nefarious on Mylon, where the final Biobliterator was located. Nefarious called on Lawrence to annihilate Ratchet, though Lawrence was playing bass guitar elsewhere,[12] and Nefarious was only able to reach Lawrence' holographic voicemail, leaving Nefarious to fight them alone.[13] After Ratchet defeated Nefarious, Nefarious called Lawrence once more before he could begin his solo, titled "Bass Odyssey". Lawrence then teleported both of them to the Biobliterator, attempting to kill Ratchet and Clank, though Captain Qwark interrupted its fire with his shuttle at the last minute.[12]

Lawrence with Nefarious after being defeated.

Ratchet, Clank and Qwark destroyed the Biobliterator, causing its reactor to detonate. It was set to detonate within sixty seconds, though it detonated a lot sooner, meaning Nefarious could not specify a destination for Lawrence to teleport them to.[14] As a result, Lawrence teleported them on board an asteroid in space, far out of range of any planet or space station to teleport to. Lawrence speculated that another planet could come along within five to ten thousand years, and simply played his bass guitar in space.[15]

After Up Your Arsenal

The asteroid.

Lawrence and Nefarious drifted on the asteroid throughout space. In Deadlocked, the asteroid drifted towards the Shadow Sector's DreadZone Station. Lawrence informed Nefarious that a space station was coming up, but as they arrived, they found it had exploded, infuriating Nefarious.[16]

After some time, the asteroid drifted towards the Polaris Galaxy, in which they eventually arrived on Zanifar and sought refuge with a local fongoid tribe. Lawrence eventually accompanied Nefarious as he worked with the Zoni aboard the Great Clock to unlock the Orvus Chamber.

A Crack in Time

Clank was at first held hostage by the Zoni and Nefarious, though Nefarious' partnership ended with the Zoni when it became clear they would not give him access to the Orvus Chamber. Nefarious caused heavy damage to the Great Clock and allowed Clank to escape.

Clank eventually met with Sigmund, one of the Great Clock's staff, to learn more about Orvus and eventually access the chamber. While this happened, Lawrence spied on Clank's progress.

During Ratchet's final battle with Nefarious on the Nefarious Space Station, Lawrence was ordered to move the ship away from harm's way, though it soon became a battlefield between them. Lawrence fired the ship's cannons during this battle at Ratchet to assist in the fight. When Nefarious fell unconscious, Lawrence used the ship's escape pod to leave. Lawrence teleported Nefarious' unconscious body away, which the Polaris government was aware of but unable to find them.[17]

All 4 One

Lawrence continued to work with Nefarious, though another of his plans, the Creature Collector, backfired, after which Lawrence fled announcing his resignation.

Lawrence returned once Loki Master was defeated, piloting Cronk and Zephyr's ship down to the surface, and came under Nefarious' employ once again, claiming that the "market for evil sidekicks was rather thin", and the two flew off in a ship, discussing with Nefarious how best to avoid the Polaris Defense Force patrols.



Lawrence is a fairly pear-shaped, well-dressed, humanoid robot. He has bright blue eyes, and no hair, and wears a suit and bow tie. Lawrence's head, despite being metal, appears flexible and squishy while he performed sign language.


Nefarious yelling at Lawrence.

Lawrence speaks with an upper class English accent. Lawrence serves Nefarious loyally in a variety of tasks. Many of his tasks include daily chores, such as laundry,[7] home decorations, and massages.[4] However, Lawrence also carries out more important tasks for Nefarious, including defeating his enemies, several times rescuing him either through teleportation or one time by incapacitating Qwark with a hammer, or by spying on enemies such as Clank. Lawrence appears to equivocate the two tasks in importance,[4] and is entirely detached from any importance of his work.[12]

Though Lawrence does not complain about his chores, he regularly makes subtle jabs at Nefarious' expense, which Nefarious appears to be totally oblivious of.[11] Lawrence thinks lowly of Nefarious' intelligence, and during his subtle insults has called him a drooling imbecile,[3] a moron,[7] and a twit.[11] Lawrence considered Nefarious' malfunction, and the opportunity to whack him, the best part of his day.[10]


As well as performing chores for Nefarious, Lawrence is occasionally combatant. He fought incapacitated Qwark with a hammer in Shaming of the Q, and during Nefarious' fight against Ratchet and Clank in A Crack in Time, operated a turret to destroy them. Lawrence frequently teleports himself and Nefarious away from danger, and has done so twice to save Nefarious from near-death situations at the hands of Ratchet and Clank.[15][17]

Lawrence is also familiar with sign language, and has helped broadcast Nefarious' messages with it. He is a bass guitar enthusiast, which he plays left-handed, and has written solos, one of which he named "Bass Odyssey".[12]

Behind the scenes

Concept art of Lawrence from Up Your Arsenal.

Lawrence can be seen spying on Clank during Clank gameplay sections in A Crack in Time. To see him better, before fighting the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, the player must move to the back ledge of the right side of the flooring before the bossfight area, use three heli-pack boosts and stay next to the wall and then see him standing on a ledge.

Multiple copies of Lawrence appear as small enemies in PlayStation Home in the Firing Range (future). He can also be heard during PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


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