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Using stimulated emission to highly excited captured hydrogen compounds, the Optical Maser Array forces the resultant amplifying medium into a resonant cavity, capturing the feedback that is created and producing a coherent radiation beam of unimaginable power.

Optical Maser Array's weapon description, SM

The Laser Tracer is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Size Matters. It is a vehicular-sized laser cannon retrofitted to be carried by a single user, and was the "last stand" in Gadgetron weaponry. The weapon fires a continuous laser at enemies, while Ratchet stands still when firing.

The Laser Tracer can be purchased for 85,000 bolts upon reaching planet Quodrona. It can be upgraded to the Optical Maser Array at level 4. The Titan Optical Maser Array can be purchased in challenge mode.


The Optical Maser Array in action

The Laser Tracer is a heavy, metallic green cannon with blue highlights. It fires a continuous red line when fired, and Ratchet stands still while firing it. The Optical Maser Array instead fires a purple-blue beam and darkens its surroundings.


The Laser Tracer fires a continuous laser in a straight line in front of Ratchet. Ratchet can steer the direction of the laser to point it at other enemies, but cannot otherwise move with the weapon. The Laser Tracer deals a heavy amount of damage against all types of enemies, but leaves Ratchet vulnerable to attack if not aimed properly, and will exhaust ammo quickly if wasted while steering from one enemy to another.

At V4, the Laser Tracer upgrades to the Optical Maser Array, which can deal huge amounts of damage and destroy most bosses quickly when focused.


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