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The Landstalker, also known as a Spider Tank, was a four-legged vehicle that was used by DreadZone contestants in Ratchet: Deadlocked. It was also an enemy that Ratchet occasionally faced on the battlefield. It was equipped with two machine guns in addition to plasma mortars that locked onto enemies while they charged. It was first used by Ratchet on Catacrom Four. It was also an available vehicle in game's multiplayer


The enemy Landstalkers were exactly the same as the player-controlled Landstalker but patrolled robotically until engaged. They also usually carried forcefields that could be deactivated by an EMP. The vehicle itself could be deactivated with an EMP as well, leaving it not only vulnerable to damage but unable to fight back or move. They are found in most Landstalker missions as well as planet Sarathos (Where the Leviathans Roam), where Team Darkstar was provided with only a Puma.

Landstalkers built for Liberator contenstants could take approximately 45,000 Damage.


  • The Landstalker is also an Exterminator trading card, except is referred to as a Spider Tank on the card.
  • According to an Insomniac Games developer, its design was the template for Resistance: Fall of Man's Chimeran Stalker vehicle.
  • When introducing this vehicle, it was stated by Dallas that the Landstalker carried enough plasma mortars to take out a small star system.
  • When Ratchet first drove the Landstalker, Juanita said that Ratchet drove it like her grandmother, and also claimed that Ace Hardlight was a better Landstalker pilot.
  • The Landstalker bears some resemblance to the Blast Bot in Jak 3, though this is likely a coincidence. [citation needed]
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