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The Lancer is a weapon manufactured by Megacorp in Going Commando, also appearing in Going Mobile, and a few cutscenes in Deadlocked. It is a long-range pistol with a decent rate of fire that fires explosive energy bolts to damage enemies.

In both games he starts with it by default, in Going Commando the Lancer can be upgraded to the Heavy Lancer, a rifle that fires slightly stronger energy bolts with a rapid rate of fire. When in challenge mode it can be further upgraded to the Mega Heavy Lancer. In Going Mobile the Lancer can be upgraded to level three with use.


Going Commando

The Lancer is available as one of two default weapons for Megacorp commandos, along with the Gravity Bomb. It can be upgraded to the Heavy Lancer by using the weapon. The Heavy Lancer is seen twice in the story. Firstly, it was used by Ratchet to free the experiment from the thief on Siberius; it was later used by Ratchet to free Angela Cross from the Giganto-Mech. Near the end of the game, Qwark, disguised as Fizzwidget, shoots Clank's admirer with a weapon similar to Ratchet's Lancer shortly before encountering the final boss.

In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega Heavy Lancer from any vendor.


The Lancer's sprite from Going Mobile.

The Lancer is a silver metallic pistol with red decorations and a red trigger. Its nozzle and its barrel glow orange, the same color of the energy bolts the weapon fires. It features red and black wires from the back to the nozzle.

The Heavy Lancer appears wildly different. It is an assault rifle with a left-hand grip at the back and a longer circular nozzle. The orange energy highlights still appear on the weapon, though decorations are blue instead of red.

In Going Mobile it more appears to resemble the N60 Storm, per the red design and orange lights.


Going Commando

Ratchet using the Lancer

The Lancer initially begins with a medium rate of fire that does moderate damage to enemies. It can automatically target enemies, and is most easily used while strafing. It is a very versatile weapon that can be useful against any type of enemy. When upgraded to the Heavy Lancer, it deals slightly higher damage, but its increased rate of fire is what makes it a more powerful weapon

While the Lancer and Heavy Lancer begin as useful weapons, they are heavily outclassed as the game progresses (particularly around reaching Joba). The Heavy Lancer's damage does little to keep up with the more powerful enemies that the player will encounter later on, and it has very little utility. Therefore, it becomes redundant midway through the game.

Ratchet using the Heavy Lancer against the Thug Leader.

The Shock Mod and Lock On Mod are available at Slim Cognito's platinum bolt weapon modifications shop. The Shock Mod shocks enemies close to those hit by the Lancer's blasts, while the Lock On Mod locks onto a target when L2 and R2 are held down simultaneously. While the Lock On Mod is only a minor improvement, the Shock Mod can make the Lancer much more effective. However, in both cases, the Lancer is likely to have been outclassed by the time of purchasing these mods, so the player may choose to purchase mods for different weapons instead.

If the player solely uses the Lancer from the beginning of the game up to and including the swamp monster I boss on Oozla, it will be upgraded to the Heavy Lancer.

Going Mobile

The Lancer is useful early on for its range and high rate of fire, with acceptable damage early on when leveled to V3. The fire rate allows it to effectively stunlock lone enemies, but it falters when you are fighting against groups, as those in the rear are allowed to continue unhindered. It is eventually outclassed by all other weapons in terms of both damage and functionality.

Behind the scenes

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As seen in some beta versions of Going Commando and screenshots from the game, the Lancer's shots were originally colored either green or blue along with some parts of the weapon itself.

The Heavy Lancer's model is used in cutscenes on Siberius and Snivelak, irrespective of whether the player has upgraded the Lancer by that point. In early builds of the game, the Lancer's base model was used in the cutscene on Barlow. in which Ratchet threatens Biker One.[1]

The Art of Ratchet & Clank suggests that the Lancer was originally going to be Ratchet's sidearm in Up Your Arsenal,[2] though this may be a typo.

Ratchet's Lancer-looking weapon in Deadlocked.

The Lancer's model was used as a non-playable weapon in Deadlocked. Captain Starshield seemed to have used a modified version of the Lancer when he was a gladiator in DreadZone. Later, Ratchet uses a lighter Lancer-looking weapon against Ace Hardlight in a cutscene.


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