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Lance, in reality Englebert, and Janice.

Lance and Janice is a holovision series featured in Up Your Arsenal, Deadlocked, A Crack in Time, All 4 One, and mentioned in Tools of Destruction and Into the Nexus. It is a soap opera starring titular characters Lance and Janice in a romantic plot, though its writing is often ridiculous. The show has been running for a long time, as it originally played on old-fashioned holo-vid players,[1] and reached its tenth season during A Crack in Time.[2] It is broadcast on the Vox Network.[3]

The show focuses on the love between Lance, a humanoid-looking man, and Janice, a green alien with tentacles and a single eye. Many of the plot-threads appear to be outlandish, including one involving Lance having an evil twin brother named Englebert,[4][5] one in which he claims to be cursed by a tribe of gypsy ninjas,[2] and one involving him becoming a "flesh-eating zombie".[6]

The show is most notable for playing as part of Dr. Nefarious' malfunction. During a fit of rage, Nefarious can malfunction and freeze up, causing him to play portions of Lance and Janice and pick up the radio waves, until whacked by another character, normally Lawrence. Aside from Nefarious, several other characters are shown to be fans of the show, including Captain Qwark,[4] Flint Vorselon,[2] as well as Cronk and Zephyr.[1]


Before Up Your Arsenal

Lance and Janice was played on old lombax holo-vid players.[1]

As documented in the Qwark vid-comic Deja Q All Over Again, Captain Qwark watched the show in his home in Metropolis, Kerwan, shortly before Dr. Nefarious attacked the city with insectoids. In this episode, Janice confessed that the baby she was having did not belong to Lance, but to his evil twin brother Englebert. The man she was speaking to responded by saying that Englebert was, in fact, him, and she was not speaking to Lance.[4]

In the following issue, The Shaming of the Q, Dr. Nefarious began playing snippets of the show after his first time malfunctioning while yelling at Lawrence. Lawrence opted not to fix this.[7]

Up Your Arsenal

During Up Your Arsenal, Nefarious had one brief malfunction aboard the Leviathan, after Lawrence informed him that Captain Qwark was responsible for the infiltration on Aquatos following "Find Nefarious' Office". There was little said during this episode. Later, following "Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode" while speaking to Clank with Courtney Gears, an episode aired in which Janice protested that her relationship with Lance was inappropriate as he was a distant relative of hers, being the son of her cousin's uncle.[8] Later, when Nefarious spoke to Ratchet and Qwark after "Find Nefarious", once again on the Leviathan, another episode played, though little was said.


While floating off on an asteroid, Nefarious froze up again, furious that he could not teleport to the destroyed DreadZone Station, and played another episode. In it, Lance and her had apparently agreed she would never leave him for his twin brother Englebert again. After this, Janice confessed that Lance made her feel "like a young boy again", puzzling him.[5]

After the cancellation of DreadZone, a continuous loop of episode 10,972 "I Like You, But I Don't Like-You, Like-You", was used to replace the show.[9]

A Crack in Time

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While rehearsing for his play, Night of the Living Squishies, Nefarious froze up after Lawrence informed him that Qwark was involved once more. While frozen, he played an episode of the show in which Lance admitted he was cursed by a tribe of gypsy ninjas as a child, to which Janice responded that she was a member of the tribe.[2]

Later, Nefarious played another episode once he froze up before flinging Ratchet and Clank away on an asteroid. In it, Janice referred to Lance as a "lonely man boarding a lonely train on its way to Lonely Town", to which Lance agreed.[2]

Nefarious called in to complain about the cliffhanger finale episode of the season.[3]

All 4 One

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After arriving on planet Magnus, Nefarious had frozen up, and played an episode in which Lance had turned into a flesh-eating zombie, while Janice still sought after his love.[6]


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