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When it comes to dishing out damage and looking cool at the same time, 9 out 10 movie celebrities choose the Dual Lacerators. With these you can look great while holding a fully-upgraded Lacerator in each hand for double the damage!

Weapon Description (Size Matters), SAC

The Lacerator is an easy-to-fire, durable basic blaster pistol that also packs a punch. Firing super-heated plasma slugs that strike enemies like a laser, the Lacerator is great for mowing down enemies one by one.

In-game description, SM

The Lacerator is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. It is a pistol that is used both on its own, and dual-wielded as the Dual Lacerators. It fires super-heated plasma slugs at enemies.

In Size Matters, the Lacerator is wielded in one hand by Ratchet and upgrades to the Dual Lacerators at V4, and could purchase the Titan Dual Lacerators in challenge mode. In Secret Agent Clank, the weapon begins dual-wielded as the Dual Lacerators, and instead upgrades to the Dual Vindicators at V4, with the Titan Dual Vindicators available in challenge mode.


Size Matters

The Lacerator is acquired for free on planet Pokitaru at the start. With use, it can be upgraded to the Dual Lacerators at V4. Additionally, Ratchet could purchase the illegal lock-on mod for the weapon for 5,000 bolts, and the double barrel mod for 30,000 bolts, both from Slim Cognito. In challenge mode, the Titan Dual Lacerators could be purchased.

The Lacerator could also be wielded by Ratchet Clone enemies on Quadrona.

Secret Agent Clank

The "Dual Gingerbread" cake that Clank sent to Ratchet while he was in Prison

The Dual Lacerators were available to Ratchet for free. Clank acquired fully-functional replicas of Ratchet's Lacerators on display in the Boltaire Museum, and sent them him on Prison Planet under the guise of a "Dual Gingerbread cake".[1] Ratchet could purchase the hunter mod for 10,000 bolts and the seeker mode for 15,000 bolts. The Dual Lacerators could be upgraded to the Dual Vindicators with use. In challenge mode, the Titan Dual Vindicators could be purchased.


The Lacerator is a metallic, orange weapon with silver and blue effects. It fired orange bullets at V1, blue bullets at V2, purple bullets at V3 and orange bullets again at V4.

When the double barrel mod is purchased in Size Matters, or the weapon is upgraded to the Dual Vindicators in Secret Agent Clank, the weapon featured two barrels instead of one.


The Lacerator has a moderate rate of fire but does decent damage. Initially, its versatility makes it useful against almost all types of enemies, as it can quickly deal with small enemies while also being useful against larger enemies. However, as the game progresses, the Lacerators become quickly outclassed by other, more powerful weapons that are stronger against specific threats.

In Size Matters, the Lacerator can be upgraded with the lock-on mod and the double barrel mod. The lock-on mod makes the weapon slightly easier to aim, while the double barrel mod can greatly improve its damage. While this can be a useful mod, as the Lacerator is likely to become outclassed by stronger weapons at this point, players should not prioritize this mod.

In Secret Agent Clank, the Dual Lacerators can be upgraded with the seeker mod for 15,000 bolts and the hunter mod for 10,000 bolts. The seeker mod allows its shots that have hit an opponent to refract and attack nearby enemies, while the hunter mod allows all its shots to hit the current target. The hunter mod makes it easier to use and is a decent choice, while the seeker mod allows it to deal more damage to a larger number of enemies, meaning it is a solid choice. However, as the player is more likely to have more weapons available at this point, they may choose to spend bolts on other weapons instead.


  1. Video clip is titled "Dual Gingerbread cake" in Secret Agent Clank.
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