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Folks we're live tonight from the planet of Kronos, where Commander Shellshock and his army have taken over the city and don't like visitors.

Dallas Wanamaker, DL

Kronos was a planet similar to Koros, and it was here in the Dark Cathedral that Ratchet had his first Exterminator battle with Shellshock. Kronos was also a planet with an abundance of grind rails. It was home to Dark City, a massive and highly advanced city that took on a dark and sinister appearance, created for a fearsome atmosphere. It was not uncommon for storms to occur on this planet. The city on Kronos was possibly one of the largest in the Shadow Sector.


Kronos is home to a highly advanced civilization, whose cities cover most of the entire planet. From what can be deduced from comments, the natives appear to host a somewhat dark disturbing religious culture, as empathized by the existence of the Dark Cathedral. Like all planets in the Shadow Sector, it does not recognize Solana Galactic Government as its governing body, being completely independent of outside influences.

Unfortunately for the natives of Kronos, DreadZone forces led by Shellshock occupied the planet's capital as part of DreadZone death course and had their sacred Cathedral locked down, which was used by Shellshock as a base of operations.Ratchet, Merc and Green were forced to blast through DreadZone forces as they attempted to activate the solar towers to unlock the Cathedrals doors, all the while being ambushed by Shellshock. Team Darkstar managed to finally activate the solar towers to the Cathedral in which Shellshock was hiding in, and members of Team Darkstar dueled with Shellshock inside the sanctuary halls, ending in the Exterminator's defeat. With Shellshock's demise, Kronos was thereby liberated from Vox's forces.

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It had an oceanic climate with relatively cool temperatures year round and very high rainfall.



Unnamed and unseen, they built the unnamed Kronos City and the Dark Cathedral of Kronos. The city also has some sort of army/police force known as the Kronos Peace Keepers as stated from information from a description of the Combat Bot paint job known as The Destroyer.


  • If Ratchet goes to the door of the Dark Cathedral during the first mission, Infiltrate the Cathedral, Merc will begin a comical commentary about how he's getting old.
  • The DreadZone campaign on Kronos has the most storyline missions of all the planets, with seven.


  • The name may be a reference to Kronos the Greek titan and father of Zeus; the dark cathedral may have symbolized Kronos' evil tendencies.

Bosses on Kronos



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