Krell Canyon

Ratchet overlooking Krell Canyon

Krell Canyon was a location on planet Lumos. It had an arid and rocky setting, with a main canyon. There was a Vullard Settlement on it, which Ratchet and Azimuth had to save from the Agorians. It used to be the richest Raritanium Mine,[1] but thanks to the Agorians, it is now the #1 most invaded territory in the galaxy. Its most popular tourist attraction was the Huron Abyss.

Inside one of its steep cliffs was Vogal Caves, home to a Zoni temple. The caves had been closed down for years because there had been too many deaths. This was presumably due to the Tetramite swarms inside. Inside the Zoni temple was an Obsidian Eye, which Ratchet used to communicate with Clank. It was here that Ratchet acquired the OmniSoaker.





  • Krell Canyon used to be home to the galaxy's richest[2] Raritanium Mine. It then adopted the title of the "most frequently invaded area in Polaris."
  • Krell Canyon was home to one of the few remaining Obsidian Eyes in the Universe.

Behind the scenes

  • Krell Canyon had also been Insomniac's main "demo" level for the game. Krell Canyon was the level used for the E3 demo of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.[3] It was not only the first full level ever shown of the game, but it was used in the PAX Weapons Trailer,[4] the Constructo Weapons Trailer,[5] and snippets thereof were found in both the Comic Con [6] and Gamescom [7] Trailers.[8] Krell Canyon appeared once again as a downloadable demo along with the Great Clock level.
  • Krell Canyon was intended to be bigger to include a large Vullard Settlement. After saving the village from the Agorians, Ratchet was going to be able to complete missions for the Vullards that he had saved. Planned sections included a Tetramite puzzle and an optional misson to put out fires for the Vullards, presumably with the OmniSoaker. However, Krell Canyon became too big, and the level memory could not handle it. The Vullard Settlement was cut from the game, and was put in the Insomniac Museum. Lava for the OmniSoaker, Hydroids, and platforms with versa-targets that could be moved with the Kinetic Tether.


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