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If you know someone who isn't married to the idea of breathing, please send them to planet Kragg.

A Thugs-4-Less recruiter asking for more recruits to attend Destructapalooza, ItN

Kragg is a volcanic planet in the Polaris Galaxy's haunted Zarkov Sector. Kragg resided on the Zarkov Sector's northeast border, which bordered the Praxus Sector to its north. Kragg was east of planet Thram and north of planet Yerek in the Zarkov Sector, and southeast of planet Igliak in Praxus Sector.


Like many other worlds in the Zarkov Sector, it was promptly abandoned with the arrival of ghosts in the sector. Years later, when Thugs-4-Less operated in the area during their time as hired guns for Neftin Prog and Vendra Prog, the Thugs colonized Kragg. Kragg would host Destructapalooza, an unregulated arena stadium used to train Thugs to be professional enforcers for Thugs-4-Less.

Ratchet and Clank traveled to Kragg to participate in Destructapalooza, as they needed a GrummelNet Jetpack that was being offered as a prize by the Thugs-4-Less. They one the jetpack, along with other goodies from participating in other challenges that made them encounter loads of enemies, including three major challengers: Blazebot, a Rabid Gargathon and Progbot.


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