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Korthos Beta was a moon in the Korthos Sector, home to a single Zoni and an Omnigasket. It was a rocky desert moon, with few plants and inhabited by Teratropes. Vullards once resided here, but soon moved their operations to the Korthos Depot and Korthos Alpha, though one Vullard left his OmniGasket here before the Agorians moved in.[1]


Korthos Beta was a rocky, barren desert moon, inhabited only by Teratropes and small bushes and shrubs. Around the moon were dome-like hills, some flatter with crates inside them. When the Vullards briefly resided here, one Vullard opened up his shop here as well as several tall platforms and, for unknown reasons, four large boxes of energy one of which ships would land in when they visited the moon, having to rip out versa-fuses before being able to explore the planet. Soon, the Vullards left for the Korthos Depot and Korthos Alpha, another rocky moon, where they set up individual shops, though one Vullard misplaced his OmniGasket before leaving and therefore left it behind.

With the Vullards gone, the Agorians moved in and immediately dominated the moon, with patrols being placed all over it. One Zoni, however, still made it here after Dr. Nefarious took over the Great Clock. The OmniGasket found its way to the Vullards' old shop which had become an Agorian base, and the Vullard, unbeknownst to this, offered a reward to anyone who could find it, not being able to do so himself due to business on the Korthos Depot piling up. When Ratchet found himself in the Korthos Sector, he met the Vullard and set out to claim the reward.

Disabling the energy boxes and fighting his way through several Agorians, Ratchet located and took the OmniGasket, caught the Zoni and took a meteor pad back to his ship. He soon returned the OmniGasket to its original owner and claimed the reward.



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