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The Biobliterator is programmed to recharge its power cells after each attack.
Big Al, UYA
Its recharging at base on planet Koros right now.

Koros was a dark and stormy planet, with waters as dark as Rilgar's. Koros was used as a fuelling station for the Biobliterator and it was here that Clank destroyed the weapon with the Ion Cannon.


Koros hosted a fairly advanced civilization, covered with massive bridges and large cliff filled with urban sprawl. It appears the planet was a popular tourist location, at it appears the natives were prone to celebrating, based on numerous streamers found in their cities.

However, during the Biobliterator Crisis, Koros was occupied by Tyhrranoids and vast armies of robots loyal to him. Koros was left devastated by Nefarious forces, who used a former coastal community as a refuling center for his vessels and the Biobliterator. The presence of the Biobliterator on Koros made it subject to a Galactic Fleet counterattack, which prompted Dr. Nefarious to order his forces to install an Ion Cannon around the Refueling Facility to prevent an attack againest the Biobliterator.

The Q-Force soon; however, hatched a brilliant plan to use the Ion Cannon used to defend the Biobliterator against it. Ratchet and Clank launched a surprise attack on Koros and entered base that held the Ion Cannon. Using the Ion Cannon, Clank aimed the cannon at the Biobliterator and fired, completely obliterating the Biobliterator in one fell swoop.