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Korgon Outpost is a map in the multiplayer mode in Up Your Arsenal. It is based on Kavu Island, seen during the Galactic Rangers' Operation: ISLAND STRIKE, on Tyhrranosis. It features almost the exact same layout, except for the additional central building that stands in the middle between both bases. The map is essentially mirrored, with each base having a bridge leading to the southern nodes, a bridge angled to the north that leads to the route spanning the northern edge of the island, and a large path between the two that connects each base the central area.

All bridges are initially closed, with the southern ones having bolt cranks near the base, allowing players access to a turboslider and the southern nodes, which each grant a hovership, and then further passage into the central complex. Said nodes also have a nearby nanotech crate, Charge Boots, as well as a Morph-o-Ray and Lava Gun for respectively the west and east. The other north-leading bridges can only be opened from the other end of the gap, but do have a pair of versa-targets on the side that allow players to cross. Keeping the northern bridges closed allows for an effective bottleneck, while the southern ones will also stop intruders, but simultaneously block your access to the powerful vehicles there.

Map of Korgon Outpost.

The middle path consists of a series of disconnected ramps, requiring the use of a turboslider, and walls that allow players with Gravity Boots to scale them, which lets players run across the entire ceiling of the interior area. Holding the central node there can be difficult, although it does offer a variety of nearby ammo, nanotech, and the Holoshield Glove. To the north of it, in the tunnel connecting this area to the northern section, is a pair of Charge Boots. More importantly however, the node changes the positioning of the ramps, in a neutral state they can only be used from the inside-out, but when captured the ramps on the side of the node's team will change, allowing turbosliders to cruise safely all the way from their base to the other side.

Past each northern bridge lies another node, both of which grant another turboslider and use of the Mine Glove and Minirocket Tube weapons. Both nodes flank the hill in the northern area, which has a Lava Gun and allows a good view on all three of the northern paths. It also oversees a small platform in the center of this area with a nanotech crate. Opposite of the turboslider nodes are climbable platforms that also oversee one base respectively, both holding a single Flux Rifle.

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