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Klunk (occasionally spelled Clunk)[2] is an antagonist in Up Your Arsenal and the main antagonist in Secret Agent Clank. He is the evil counterpart of Clank and was created by Dr. Nefarious.

Klunk was created on planet Mariona to spy on the Q-Force by impersonating Clank. He impersonated Clank after Nefarious and Courtney Gears abducted Clank at Holostar Studios. Klunk appeared to be identical to Clank in functionality, able to use the Heli-Pack and Thruster-Pack, and transform into a giant form. Plus, he had normally red eyes, which he could switch to green to fool Ratchet. Years later, after Nefarious was defeated, Klunk was the mastermind behind the theft of the Eye of Infinity, though he was defeated by Clank and transformed into a vacuum cleaner.


Up Your Arsenal

Dr. Nefarious created Klunk on planet Mariona.[1] After "Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode", Courtney Gears abducted the real Clank once the filming of the Secret Agent Clank episode, "Maxmillian Strikes Back", had wrapped up, taking him to Nefarious to convince him to work with them. Clank refused and was imprisoned, while Klunk took Ratchet's place after he escaped an ambush of tyhrranoids.

Klunk chuckling after defeating Courtney Gears.

Klunk posed as Clank, able to use the Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack for Ratchet. During "Beat Courtney Gears", Klunk even helped Ratchet defeat Courtney Gears on the Obani Draco, feeling no remorse fighting an ally and referring to her as "disposable" as he laughed.[3] When Ratchet and Qwark infiltrated Nefarious' Leviathan, Klunk sent a message to Nefarious alerting him to their presence.[4] When Nefarious set the ship to self-destruct, Klunk, against Ratchet's protest, commandeered Qwark's shuttle to exit the Leviathan before Qwark could leave, showing no sign of concern.[5] When Qwark was presumed to be dead, Klunk mocked him.[6]

Giant Klunk preparing to attack Ratchet.

In "Find Dr. Nefarious", Ratchet visited Kerwan to stop Nefarious' attack on the city. Nefarious used the Biobliterator to turn the population of Metropolis into robots, while the real Clank watched Klunk taking his place. Ratchet failed to stop the assault, and confronted Nefarious and Lawrence on-board the grav-train. Klunk revealed his true identity, and transformed into Giant Klunk to defeat him. In "Defeat Giant Klunk", Ratchet successfully beat Klunk and freed Clank.


When Vox News reporters Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro slandered Ratchet in Deadlocked, they made reference to Ratchet and Klunk's battle with Courtney Gears, without making a distinction between Klunk and Clank. They depicted him and Ratchet as psychotic fans who attacked Gears.[7]

Size Matters

Klunk did not appear, though it is noted that he spent time as a factory assembly line robot making hi-tech toilet seats after Nefarious's defeat. He was said to have quit the day Ratchet and Clank defeated Otto Destruct.

Secret Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank is in-universe fiction.
Secret Agent Clank is an in-universe holofilm in the Secret Agent Clank fictional series. Its events are a fictional movie within the Ratchet & Clank universe. Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

'''Klunk''' during the final battle.

Klunk was the mastermind behind the theft of the Eye of Infinity, having created a mind control device to control Ratchet and frame him for the crime. He donned a mech suit, going under the alias of the "Kingpin" to hide his true identity. Under this alias, he had forced a scientist to create a laser that could blow up every planet in the Solana Galaxy using the Eye of Infinity as a refractor. Meanwhile, he sent B.A.R.N.E.Y. to follow Captain Qwark, pretending to be writing Qwark's biography, though his actual mission was to trail Clank as he knew that Qwark would follow Clank seeking glory.

Klunk's true identity was not revealed until Clank found him in the Spaceship Graveyard, where Clank found him after he exited the Kingpin suit. Clank came across the suit and thought he was staring at his own reflection, and was then seized by Klunk's guards as soon as he noticed. Klunk ordered two guards to restrain him, and then used Clank's ship to escape, asking the guards to kill him (but not too quickly).

Klunk was encountered for a final time in his underwater base on planet Hydrano. Klunk scolded Clank for his relationship with Ratchet, before revealing his plan to make "squishies" in the galaxy bow to him as a hero: using the laser, the Eye of Infinity would be poised to destroy every planet in the galaxy, but Klunk would kill Clank and pose as him and broadcast himself dismantling the satellite, fooling the galaxy into thinking Klunk was a hero while Ratchet remains in prison for life.

The two then engaged in a showdown in which Klunk made use of his own martial arts skills, and various mech suits he had created (including a suit of Nefarious and a robotic Ratchet suit). Klunk halfway through revealed a backup plan: he activated the laser satellite, believing he alone knew how to stop it, so that if Clank defeated Klunk, the galaxy would still be destroyed. However, Klunk was defeated, and Clank was able to deactivate the satellite.

Ms. Cute Anastasia Bot then debriefed President Phyronix about Klunk's plan and referred to his "demise" at the hands of Clank. The president then released Klunk's body back into Ratchet and Clank's custody. Ratchet then modified it to become a vacuum cleaner for Clank's apartment. Klunk's eyes then glowed and blinked, suggesting he may still be active.

Subsequent appearances

In Tools of Destruction, when inside the IRIS supercomputer, one of the questions Ratchet could ask it was, "Who is Clank's evil counterpart?" The response it gave was "Clunk". Klunk was later mentioned in the Galactic Trivia in A Crack in Time. Dr. Nefarious planned to name the Tombli Outpost on Zanifar as the "Klunk Memorial Work Camp and Day Spa" in honor of him, though Klunk's estate lawyers prevented this.



Giant Klunk.

Klunk appears almost identical to Clank, though he is identified easily by his eerily red eyes and more sinister laugh, which are relevant on occasion. Klunk was able to reveal or hide his red eyes whenever he chose in order to pose as Clank, though while idle on Ratchet's back, his eyes would periodically turn red for a few seconds. Additionally, Klunk's Thruster-Pack emits black flames rather than red.

While transformed into Giant Klunk, his color scheme was darker than Giant Clank's. In Secret Agent Clank, he wore a golden suit and had a goatee, making him even more distinct.


Klunk smiling smugly at Ratchet as he walks away.

In contrast to Clank, Klunk shows little remorse for the deaths of either his allies or enemies. He laughed at the death of Courtney Gears,[3] and dishonored Qwark following an apparent death, to the point of almost cursing when dismissing President Phyronix' descriptions before Ratchet hushed him.[6]

During Secret Agent Clank, Klunk appeared to share Nefarious's dislike of organic life forms, referring to them as "squishies", a term that Nefarious had used to describe organic lifeforms. He also enjoyed ordering others around, having created a suit of Nefarious primarily to order his former boss around. Klunk was also shown to be cunning, having constructed a very elaborate plan to destroy or rule the galaxy, that only Clank himself was able to see through.


Giant Klunk about to cast an energy bomb at Ratchet.

Klunk was fitted with Heli-Pack, Thruster-Pack and Hydro-Pack upgrades to pose as Clank. During the boss fight against him in Up Your Arsenal, Klunk exhibited an ability to turn into an Ultra-Mech, Giant Klunk, like Clank without using an Ultra-Mech pad. Giant Klunk was stronger and better-armored than Giant Clank and possessed all of his attacks, as well as the ability to fly with jet boosters from his feet.

In battle with Clank during Secret Agent Clank, Klunk proved able to use Clank-Fu, pilot mechanical suits he created, and use his own pair of Jet Boots with a golden red thrust.

Behind the scenes

Klunk was voiced by David Kaye and had an identical voice to Clank.

Klunk with his gold tuxedo and goatee is also an unlockable skin in Secret Agent Clank.

In Secret Agent Clank Klunk's appearance is foreshadowed as early as the Boltaire Museum, where it is said that out of the two Megacorp Rivet Bots on display there it was impossible to determine which was the evil twin for lack of red eyes and a goatee.


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