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Kit (real designation KT-7461) is a character who appears in Rift Apart. A robot similar to Clank and Klunk from another dimension, she went into exile due to her power. Eventually, facing up to what happened to Rivet that day, Kit becomes her partner like Clank.


Pre-Rift Apart

KT-7461 was originally a warbot, similar to how Clank was created, created for Emperor Nefarious' army but unlike her primary counterpart, KT-7461 was not a defect, making her similar to Klunk. One day during a patrol, she saw a rebel sneaking into Nefarious' tower and attacked them, blasting one of their arms off. Upon realizing what she did, she exiled herself to the planet Savali to avoid hurting anyone else. At some point, KT-7461 became the apprentice of Cosmic Prophet Gary and the overseer of the Interdimensional Archives.

Rift Apart

KT-7461 met Ratchet when he arrived on Savali to build a new Dimensionator, in the middle of an attack by Emperor Nefarious' forces on the Archives. When Ratchet offered to team up with her to stop the attack and save the Archives and its monks, KT-7461 was initially reluctant, believing she did not make a good partner, but she eventually agreed. Together, they freed the captured monks and retrieved the Dimensionator's blueprints from the Archives, and Ratchet gave KT-7461 the nickname "Kit". To stop Nefarious' forces for good, Kit transformed into her warbot mode and destroyed them, nearly harming Ratchet in the process. After Kit shared her story, Ratchet offered to keep working with her to save the dimensions, and she accepted.

After building the new Dimensionator at Kedaro Station on Cordelion, they met with Rivet and Clank at Zurkie's, but they walked into a trap set by Dr. Nefarious, who stole the new Dimensionator and the Phase Quartz that Rivet and Clank acquired. Following a battle against Dr. Nefarious, the real Emperor Nefarious showed up and took the Dimensionator for himself. Rivet and Kit followed the Emperor to Sargasso to stop his invasion and save the Morts. They later infiltrated the Emperor's flagship on Savali, but they failed to stop him from getting the Dimensional Map. During this, it was revealed that Rivet was the rebel whose arm Kit blasted off.

While trying to stop the two Nefariouses, Kit was transported to Zordoom Prison with Ratchet and Clank. When Rivet arrived to Zordoom to save them, she tried to forgive Kit for her past actions, but Kit's insistence that she isolate herself from other people (coupled with Rivet's own frustration) led to them angrily terminating their partnership, and Kit decided to go back to Savali.

Realizing Rivet was right that she should not run away from her mistakes, Kit returned to help Ratchet, Rivet, and Clank fight Emperor Nefarious in Megalopolis. Together with Rivet, they finally defeated the Emperor and saved the dimensions from being destroyed. In the end, Kit and Rivet made up, and after realizing they became true friends over the course of their adventure, they decided to continue working as a team like Ratchet and Clank.



Kit is a short, yellow and black robot with rounded features and blue optics that change to red when she is on duty. She has two orange light bulbs on the top of her head and four blue lights on her chest, three in a triangular shape and the fourth in the middle of the triangle. In her warbot form, she is very large and muscular.


Kit is mostly very polite and straightforward, although she often tends to be somewhat pessimistic and depressed. In the past, before her self-exile, Kit stated that she once took pride in being a weapon of Emperor Nefarious' but grew ashamed of her power after realizing what it meant to be a weapon. Due to her destructive abilities, Kit is very self-depreciative, believing she doesn't make a good partner and is fearful of the power she has. Overtime, traveling with Ratchet has brought out a brighter side to Kit, wishing to be helpful in any way she can and despises the cruelty Emperor Nefarious brings towards the galaxy, showing that Kit possess a compassionate side and a strong sense of justice.

However, upon discovering that she was responsible for blasting Rivet's arm, Kit showed a great deal of guilt over her actions and feared how Rivet would react to the knowledge of her being responsible for her pain, thus being unable to bring herself to tell Rivet the truth. So much so, that even when Rivet tried to forgive her, Kit believed herself nothing but a warbot that causes harm, that she is broken and of no help, ultimately resigning herself to isolation once more and terminating the partnership she made with Rivet. Fortunately, Kit would regain her resolve again and return to help her friends in defeating Emperor Nefarious.

Much like Clank, she is very formal in the way of speaking. In addition, like Clank, Kit has trouble understanding slang, sarcasm, and figures of speech. She also has some skill at improvisation, something Clank tends to lack at times, when she pretends to be the Emperor's interior decorator. Her and Clank differ in their musical tastes as when Ratchet returns to Club Nefarious with Kit she notes that the music has somehow gotten even worse, but when Clank is there with Ratchet he comments that it has a fascinating rhythm. Upon collecting a Gold Bolt on occasions, Kit will remark that it is her favourite color.


Kit can transform into a giant warbot similar to Giant Klunk and Giant Clank. In this form, she has access to immense physical strength and a variety of weapons like rockets and lasers. Like Clank, she can also access the space between dimensions in order to fix dimensional anomalies.

Behind the scenes

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