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King of the Hill was a multiplayer mode in Ratchet: Deadlocked. In this mode, the player had to reach the maximum amount of points by being in control of the "hill" by standing inside a colored barrier that changed it's color depending on what team the player(s) are on when they stood inside it. It became grey when two or more opposing teams stood inside together, or when no one stood inside it. The objective of the game was to become the longest standing player or team inside the colored barrier for an amount of time which could be set. King of the Hill also has various options that the host can choose to put in the game such as "hill shield" and 'hill sharing." With hill shield enabled, the hill has an invisible shield that prevents any attacks to reach those inside it until the opposing team enters it and hill sharing will allow multiple players on your team to step inside the hill and get points for themselves. The hill can also automatically move to different spots if you choose to set that option.


  • This two-player co-op mode's name resembled the name of an episode of The Simpsons and the television show similar to The Simpsons called King of the Hill.


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