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King amoeboids are enemies featured in Up Your Arsenal and Secret Agent Clank. They are immense amoeboids that spit balls of slime to attack. Unlike other amoeboids, do not split into two smaller amoeboids when defeated. King amoeboids are encountered in the sewers of the Deep Sea Hideout, Aquatos, in Up Your Arsenal, and contain sewer crystals in their bowels.[1] In Secret Agent Clank, they appear on the Prison Planet.


Prior to Up Your Arsenal

The Galactic Rangers once traveled to Aquatos for the Aquatos sewer war, in which king amoeboids were fought. One Ranger claimed to kill a king amoeboid with his bare hands, while another claimed that the amoeboid swallowed him and he had gone AWOL until appearing a week later floating in a toilet on planet Barium.[2]

Up Your Arsenal

Ratchet first encountered two king amoeboids during "Infiltrate the underwater hideout". When reaching a pool in the hideout, Skidd McMarx could not proceed as he was unable to swim, leaving Ratchet to travel on his own to swim to another area. Sasha Phyronix gave a heads up to Ratchet that she had picked up huge biomass moving down the drainpipe.[3] Ratchet defeated the king amoeboid, and later defeated a second after having to travel to another drainpipe. In "Gather Sewer Crystals", Ratchet fought many more king amoeboids to obtain sewer crystals from their bowels.

Secret Agent Clank

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King amoeboids are immense amoeboids the size of an entire drainpipe. In the Aquatos sewers, they are idle, appearing as a massive green wall of slime, which they cease to do to attack Ratchet either when approached on the right side or when a sewer crystal container nearby is smashed. Some king amoeboids in the upper levels of the Aquatos sewers wear encrusted crystallized slime as armor, and can also drop from pipes in the tunnels. In the Prison Planet, the king amoeboids wear crowns on their head.


A king amoeboid in combat.

King amoeboids are slow enemies that attack by spitting balls of slime in medium-range. They are tough enemies that can sustain a lot of damage before being defeated. In Up Your Arsenal, they are best defeated using single-target weapons, such as the N60 Storm, Agents of Doom, Suck Cannon, or the Shock Blaster when charged up. The spiked king amoeboids can do more damage, meaning it is more crucial to avoid their attacks. These can be defeated with weapons such as the Annihilator or Flux Rifle.


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