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The King Sepiad was a massive, colossal crustacean-like sea monster with tentacles that lived in the Seaside Village. It chased the four heroes through the village. The heroes defeated him by throwing electrified Slorgs into its mouth, choking it to death. Per its namesake, it was the leader of the Sepiads. The King Sepiad had a large fishing hook attached to its bottom jaw on its right side.

The Now that's a Big Fish trophy.

A hidden bronze trophy "Now That's a Big Fish" is rewarded when defeating the King Sepiad.


The King Sepiad chasing after the heroes

Spog attacks in various ways. His main attack is to fire a sweeping beam, similar to a Tank Minion. He also attacks by turning his hands into large hammers and attempting to crush the heroes. Spog can rain down timed bombs, which can be grabbed with the Vac-U and shot back at him for damage. After enough of a beating, Spog will fly off to another part of the arena.

In this round, Spog's attacks remain unchanged. The only difference this time is that after enough damage, Spog will fly off, summoning Bouncers to attack. The quickest way to deal with them is with the criiter strike. After damaging Spog enough times, he will fly off for the final time.

In this round, Spog now attacks with two sweeping beams. His other attacks remain unchanged, except for the addition of a new attack where he fires saw blades that home in on the heroes. Just dodge Spog's attacks and fire until he's defeated.

Behind the scenes

The King Sepiad was known as Crawdaddy during development according to CreatureBox‏‎ concept art.


  • Oddly enough a Space Pirate Buccaneer can be seen trapped just above his left eye, apparently still alive. How he got there, and how he was still living is unknown.


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