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Keycards are items in Secret Agent Clank which are used to access certain secret rooms. An example was the secret door to the High Impact Games Treehouse which was to unlock the Chalice of Power.



The blue one sis located in the main misson in the gadgetbot misson inside the A-EYE. After the cart part where Clank used the ladder to overcharge 2 locks, the player must then get back on the cart and go backwards, where the keycard will be seen.


Red is found on the Asyanica rooftops. At the second line of police cars, on maybe the second one is a little ledge, if the player presses select and looked down, it is visible. Jumping off will result in death, but the player will eventually obtain the keycard.


Yellow is found in the Saint Qwark level. The player must reach the part where you saved the nuns by hitting the cannon to release them, but this time, they are not meant to hit the cannon. Instead the player must go to the place where they saw the space, Kudzu eye, from afar. Then near the edge the player had to walk off, and then had to use jetpack to hit it in midair. They were not meant to jump off, but instead had to walk off. If missed, the player simply had to retry.

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