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The Kerchu Pyroguard was a very dangerous enemy in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction that came from Jasindu, Kerchu City in the Polaris Galaxy. This enemy was a Kerchu riding a treaded vehicle equipped with two arms with twin flamethrowers.

The vehicles were yellow in color, and also had twin smoke stacks on the back of them. The flamethrowers could rain down fireballs from a long distance, as well as spew a stream of flame at close range. Heavily armored, these foes could be quite difficult to defeat. To defeat them, you had to stay far away, avoiding their fireballs, and attack with the most powerful long-range weaponry available, such as an Alpha Disruptor. The Kerchus riding them were described as orange with cream fur, blue eyes, a mouth-like beak and thorns.


  • Concept art of a Kerchu Pyroguard

    Their armor resembles Helios armor and their weapons resemble A Pyro Blaster, which is appropriate since they were both engineered by Kerchu.