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Ratchet, ToD

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Clank to Ratchet on the Kerchu Guardian sneaking up on them., ToD

The Kerchu Mechwrecker, The Mechwrecker or Kerchu Guardian [1] was the boss on planet Jasindu that Ratchet fought both on grindrails and on foot. At the arena, the Mechwrecker had a vast array of attacks and weapons, which included firing missiles and smashing the area above and summoning Kerchu Rollers. On the grindrail he created structural damage and employed tracking missiles to destroy Ratchet. The large spheres on the machine's arms were capable of shooting out and retracting, although this was only when Ratchet was on ground level. Retracting the arms too fast, as the Mechwrecker did frequently, would cause it to reel backwards from the momentum and tip over, although it never actually fell from doing this.


Kerchu Guardian

Ratchet fights the Kerchu Guardian

The Kerchu Mechwrecker was piloted by four Kerchu, one large yellow one (the leader) at the head, one at the "hip" of the machine, most likely to control the lower body and upper body, as they were capable of spinning the two halves of the machine in different directions at any time; and the last two red ones for each arm. Like most transport vessels in Polaris, the Kerchu Mechwrecker ran on Gelatonium fuel. Large tanks of Gelatonium were seen beside it, and when attacking he sometimes left Gelatonium bubbles on the ground, and its rockets all had a green glow to their exhaust.

The Kerchu Meckwrecker was tasked with guarding the Dimensionator that had been brought to the planet by Max Apogee. When Ratchet arrived The Mechwrecker confronted him to keep him away from the Dimensionator; however, Ratchet defeated the mech.


  • If the player possessed the Judicator the Kerchu Mechwrecker could be defeated in a matter of seconds without It achieving its second stage.



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