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The Kerchu are small, furry orange creatures that were native to planet Jasindu. They were considered the second most foul and ill-tempered creatures in the Polaris Galaxy, second only to the Cragmites. The Kerchu were also some the galaxy's greatest architects. This building prowess, along with their large teeth, gave the Kerchu a resemblance to beavers. They rarely talked and were always building, but they were among the fiercest warriors in the galaxy in battle. No one could trespass on Kerchu territory without a fight, though the Smuggler claimed he was an exception to this rule (most likely due to his ability to sneak in useful technologies from across the galaxy). The Kerchu were also proficient in harvesting Gelatonium, and constructed the Underground Gelatonium Facility and the Sargasso Gelantoium Refinery. At some point, the Dimensionator fell into the Kerchu's hands. They hid it just outside the Kerchu Fortress, where it was guarded by the kerchu mechwrecker.


The Kerchu engineered the Helios Armor, Pyro Blaster, and Buzz Blades. Two of these, the Helios Armor and Pyro Blaster, were similar to the armor and weaponry used by the kerchu pyroguards.

In Rivet's dimension they had a similar history and role, harvesting in locations like the Sargasso Gelatonium Refinery but instead working under Emperor Nefarious for his Empire. In the Sargasso Spybot, Ms Zurkon explains that the Kerchu were wiped out and were presumably made extinct after they misspelled the Emperor's name on their tax returns. The Morts later came and took over their jobs and maintained the gelatonium factories in their place.


Although it was said that everyone in the universe was allergic to Kerchu fur, [citation needed] Ratchet did not seem affected by this when fighting them. Emperor Percival Tachyon also described the stench of a Kerchu as being similar to Blarg Dung.




  • Helios Armor


Kerchu Planets

Behind the scenes

Kerchu skin in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

The kerchu's name was derived from the sound of sneezing.[1]

A kerchu enemy called the Kerchu Carrier was cut.

During a livestream reveal of the Kerwan multiplayer map for Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, Chad Dezern, the studio director, mentioned that the kerchu from the Intergalactic Foot Soldier Pack was blue (multiplayer team color) as it had dyed its fur. He then revealed that for kerchu it was encouraged that they dye their fur to match their team.[2]



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