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Kalidon is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Size Matters. It is a technomite planet located with a very thin atmosphere and low gravity, within which the Mechanoid Factory is located. Skyboard races also take place on the planet.

Ratchet and Clank traveled to Kalidon after overhearing a guard torso had taken Luna there. Once they found its coordinates from a map on Ryllus, the two traveled to the planet, but found themselves unable to access the factory. Fortunately, the Shrink Ray and Grindboots, won for beating the Skyboarder, allowed them to access it.


Kalidon was inhabited by the technomites during the same period when they had built the temple on Ryllus, as it was listed on the map. The coordinates for the planet were lost to the galaxy, and were not available on most galactic maps.[1]

With the plan to lure Ratchet to Kalidon, a guard torso when staging Luna's capture on Pokitaru revealed that it was the next destination after abducting her.[2] As Ratchet and Clank were unable to travel to the planet, they instead found its coordinates in the map on Ryllus, and recognized the planet's name on the map list.[1] Upon arriving on Kalidon, Clank suspected that it had all been too convenient up until that point. However, he was interrupted by Captain Qwark, who had learned of his family tree on "Faux-Family.com". Ratchet opted to ignore Qwark, despite this sounding suspicious.[3]

During "Explore the planet", Ratchet and Clank were unable to access the factory itself, but met the Skyboarder, who staunchly denied he was cheating.[4] After Ratchet then won the skyboard race against him, he was awarded the Shrink Ray and Grindboots, allowing Ratchet inside the Mechanoid Factory.

Following this, in "Search the factory", Ratchet fought through several technomite robots and a large creature named Mungo, before finding Luna. Luna revealed that she had set a trap for them, and Clank was subsequently electrocuted and abandoned on Metalis, while Ratchet was taken to the Medical Outpost Omega to extract his DNA and produce Ratchet clones.

Kalidon was also mentioned in Secret Agent Clank as the home planet of the casino guards.[5]



Map layout of the Mechanoid Factory.

Kalidon is a cold planet with a very thin atmosphere and low gravity. Several small asteroids float above the surface, and the planet has no discernible sky. Nonetheless, the air is still breathable, as both Ratchet and the skyboarder are not seen to need oxygen masks. The planet has a cratered landscape, comprised entirely of rock, with a few canyons and plateaus around it, forming the basis of the skyboard race track. Rivers of green acid run around the planet, including near the Mechanoid Factory.

Kalidon is barely hospitable, with a few glowing plants resembling large fungi living on the surface, as well as a few firefly-like creatures. Aside from this, there are no other lifeforms present. The planet is also home to several metal structures, primarily the factory itself and several others on the skyboard race track, as well as roads and a few nearby platforms. However, the factory seems to be operated only by robots, suggesting the planet is not heavily inhabited, if at all.

Skyboard race track

The skyboard race track is located a fair distance from the Mechanoid Factory. It is a path through a rock canyon, with an acid river and an industrial building running through it. Along the path are speed ramps and race hazards, changing between each race. The acid river is passable by skyboard, and along it, several pistons pumping nearby contain the acid, and some floating platforms are used across it. The building itself contains many moving cogs and pistons within, suggesting it is also a factory building, or an outpost for the Mechanoid Factory.

Mechanoid Factory

The Mechanoid Factory is a large metal building situated adjacent to a cliff by its entrance, adjacent to an acid river to its right, and suspended above a lower surface by large pyramid-shaped pillars. The factory itself is comprised of dome-shaped buildings, illuminated by neon ring lights at the top of its two cone-shaped towers. Connected to it are a series of structures with large pipes leading over the acid river, and by the entrance is a landing pad and a short road leading towards it. The factory door cannot be entered without hacking its lock.

Inside, the Mechanoid Factory primarily comprises clean, blue hallways connecting its chambers. Along the walls of many hallways are guard torsos and a make of red, humanoid robots, locked behind glass. Throughout the factory, these robots are pieced together by worker bots operating on conveyor belts in many of the factory's rooms, in some cases suspended above large pits of acid-filled rooms. Across the pits of acid, floating blue platforms are used to traverse them, and in one case, robots work behind a red fence while the acid pit fills most of the room.

Shortly after the first room of the factory, containing a couple conveyor belts, is an elevator that leads down to a pit of acid, with a console activating floating platforms to return to the surface in case this crashes. Further in, shortly after the room containing a pit of acid is a small chamber where worker bots finalize guard torsos placed on pedestals. This is connected to a large spherical chamber traversed by grav-ramps around the walls, with a cluster of robots suspended in a spherical object in the center. Past this and another room containing a conveyor belt is a circular room containing prison cells above another acid pit. This room is guarded by Mungo, a large ape-like creature.


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