Kaden was a Lombax, Ratchet's father and the keeper of the Dimensionator.[1] When his people were driven to use the device to escape to another dimension following Percival Tachyon's overruning of Fastoon, Kaden refused to follow them in order to protect the device.

He, along with his infant son Ratchet, and his friend Alister Azimuth managed to escape Tachyon's ravaging of Fastoon (although it is likely other unknown Lombaxes had achieved this feat, such as Angela Cross). It is believed that many Lombaxes who remained in Ratchet's dimension were hunted down and killed by Tachyon, including Kaden. One of the few Lombaxes to remain in Kaden's dimension and survive Tachyon's pursuit was Ratchet, who would become a hero throughout multiple galaxies, due to saving several of them more than once. He looks almost identical to his son, with only some minor differences.


Kaden backstory

Kaden at the Court of Azimuth discovers he is too late and his wife has been murdered

Kaden and Alister knew each other well and were good friends, having known each other as children. The two would go hoverbooting in Krell Canyon sometimes, and at one point Kaden almost broke his arm. At around the age of 15 or 16, Kaden and Alister also stole Kaden's father's Trillium Harvester to go to the Agorian Battleplex, where Kaden entered the tournament and became the first non-Agorian to win (though the Agorians would never admit to this), winning the tournament was the second happiest that Alister had ever seen Kaden, even though he was given a row by his father.[2] Kaden and Alister would also go to visit Kaden's girlfriend and her friend Lorna Cross on Vapedia, when she and Kaden were still only dating. At some point Kaden married his girlfriend. Kaden was a good Hoverball player and was the captain of Fastoon's team at the age of 19.

As adults, Alister became a respected leader in Lombax society and a general of the Lombax Praetorian Guard, while Kaden became the keeper of the Dimensionator had a child with a his wife, the birth of Ratchet being the happiest moment of Kaden's life according to Alister. At some point, Kaden theorized of the existence of the Great Clock, based on runes found on planet Quantos. Flint Vorselon claimed at one point that he was Kaden's accountant, although it is unknown if this is true.[3] Kaden also invented the CryoMine Glove.[4]

When a so-called inventor arrived on Fastoon with ideas for new technology, Kaden warned Alister not to trust him. The inventor was Percival Tachyon, and when Alister gave him access to Lombax technology, he built an army and in the year 5339 attacked Fastoon to avenge the Cragmites. Kaden refused to follow his people to the Court of Azimuth for refuge, determined to save his family. By the time he returned home however, Ratchet's mother had already been murdered by Tachyon's forces. Using the Dimensionator, the other Lombaxes escaped to another dimension, but Kaden decided to stay behind to protect the device. Along with his infant son, Kaden fled from Fastoon.

Tachyon searched for the Dimensionator, seeking to return the banished Cragmites to Polaris. The Dimensionator was relocated to planet Jasindu by Max Apogee, and it can be assumed that Kaden gave him the device. Kaden sent his son to the Solana Galaxy, where he grew up with no knowledge of his heritage except for his species name. At some point Kaden sold the Smuggler his Gyro Cycle after his ship crashed somewhere in the Vorox Nebula.

On Fastoon, Kaden faced Tachyon in combat but was beaten. In his final moments, he still refused to reveal the location of either the device or his son, and so Tachyon killed him. Years later, Kaden's murder was avenged by his son, Ratchet, when he returned to Fastoon and defeated Tachyon.


Even in death, his and the Lombaxes' work to protect the universe from evil would ultimately live on in his only son, Ratchet, who along with a Zoni robot he nicknamed Clank, Orvus's son, would not only defeat Tachyon, but also many other super villains who would threaten the universe and its people. Ratchet would also come across technology used, worked on or built by Kaden, such as the Gyro-Cycle, CryoMine Glove and the Hoverboots. Ratchet, thorough in his search for Clank, would go on to discover the very contingency plan Kaden theorised about, the Great Clock.

Character information

Family and significant relations

Kaden had a wife, with whom he had a son named Ratchet. Kaden's father was also mentioned at one point.

Kaden's lifelong best friend was Alister Azimuth.


Judging from the photo in Azimuth's pocket watch, Kaden was slightly shorter than Azimuth. Azimuth also noted that Ratchet looked just like Kaden.

Abilities and weapons

Judging from the photo in Azimuth's pocket watch, Kaden utilized a wrench similar to the OmniWrench 3000 and the OmniWrench 8000.

Kaden was a skilled fighter, able to become champion at the Agorian Battleplex; however, despite his skills he was defeated by Emperor Tachyon.

Notes and references

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