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Kaden was a lombax and the keeper of the Dimensionator.[1] When his people were driven to use the device to escape to another dimension following Percival Tachyon's attack on Fastoon, Kaden refused to follow them in order to protect the device. He was also the father of Ratchet.

It was ultimately Kaden who was responsible for sending Ratchet to grow up on Veldin in the Solana Galaxy.


Kaden was presumably born on Fastoon and grew up as childhood friends with Alister Azimuth. Throughout their youth, the two would often go on daring adventures, including hoverbooting in Krell Canyon and carrying out secret rescue missions on Orrack Minor against space pirates. One such adventure involved the 16 year old Kaden entering the Agorian Battleplex, where he entered the Gold tournament and became the first non-Agorian to win. Kaden and Alister would also sometimes visit Kaden's girlfriend on Vapedia when she was in education and sharing a home with her friend, Lorna Cross.

As an adult, Kaden would go on to contribute to lombax society with the invention of the CryoMine Glove [2] and being the first to theorize about the existence of the Great Clock based on ancient runes from planet Quantos. He would also later be named the keeper of the Dimensionator, the greatest secret of the lombaxes used to defeat the Cragmites in the Great War. At some point in adulthood, Kaden had a son with his spouse, a moment that Azimuth claimed was the happiest he'd ever seen his friend.

Some time after the conclusion of the War, a mysterious inventor arrived on Fastoon with ideas for new technology in order to help the lombaxes maintain galactic peace. As an Elder Councilman for the Center, Azimuth wished to take heed of the inventor's suggestions, but Kaden warned not to trust him as the rest of their kind had grown suspicious.

Kaden's warnings were ultimately not heeded. The inventor, Tachyon, used the resources of the lombaxes granted to him by Azimuth to build an army and attack Fastoon to avenge the Cragmite defeat. Kaden refused to follow his people to the Court of Azimuth for refuge, determined to save his family. By the time he returned home however, his wife had already been murdered by Tachyon's forces. Using the Dimensionator, the other lombaxes escaped to another dimension, but Kaden decided to stay behind to protect the device. Along with his infant son, Kaden fled from Fastoon.

Azimuth recalls Kaden being too late to prevent his wife's murder.

Tachyon searched for both Kaden and the Dimensionator, seeking to return the banished Cragmites to Polaris. Kaden initially hid the device on Rykan V, but it was later relocated to planet Jasindu by Max Apogee after space pirates gained a map to its location. Knowing that Tachyon would never relent in his pursuit to exterminate the lombaxes, Kaden sent his son to the Solana Galaxy to ensure that he would be spared the Cragmite's wrath. Kaden would also sell the Smuggler his Gyro Cycle after his ship crashed somewhere in the Vorox Nebula.

Ultimately, Kaden was unable to escape Tachyon, where he faced the Emperor in combat but was ultimately beaten. In his final moments, Kaden still refused to reveal the location of either the Dimensionator or his son and Tachyon swiftly killed him with pleasure.

In Rift Apart, it is revealed Kaden and the Council had tasked a lombax named Mags with mapping all dimensions in existence and creating the Dimensional Map so that the lombaxes could find the perfect dimension to hide themselves in.


Kaden's death would leave a great mark on Azimuth later in life, holding himself personally responsible after being exiled from joining the rest of his kind for his hand in the attack. Ratchet would grow up safe from Tachyon's vendetta thanks to Kaden, but would know nothing of his heritage or his real family, along with growing into a true intergalactic hero.

When Tachyon eventually came to Kerwan after tracking Ratchet down, the lombax learned the fate of his people and his father. Ratchet ultimately avenged Kaden's death by defeating Tachyon and ensuring that the Dimensionator could not be used again to bring back the Cragmites .

While on a journey to search for Clank, Ratchet would meet Azimuth who told him of Kaden's life and also gift him with pieces of technology worked on or built by Kaden, such as the Gyro-Cycle, CryoMine Glove and the Hoverboots. Ratchet was even given a chance to change the past and save Kaden from his fate using the Great Clock, but ultimately turned it down after realizing the potential damage to the universe it could bring.


Kaden is, so far, only ever seen as a picture inside of Azimuth's pocket watch. As noted by the General, he looks remarkably similar to Ratchet in overall appearance, with the addition of extra striping around the fur on his face. He wears clothing similar to Ratchet's own suit used during A Crack in Time and also wields a wrench similar to the OmniWrench 3000 and the OmniWrench 8000.


  • After completing the the main story of A Crack in Time, Lord Vorselon claims to have once been Kaden's accountant, though it is ultimately unknown if he is being truthful.

Notes and references

  1. In Tools of Destruction he was mentioned as the keeper or guardian of the Dimensionator in several cut scenes
  2. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - While using the CryoMine Glove in Krell Canyon, Alister tells Ratchet that Kaden invented it.