Journey outside the airlock (2002 game)

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Journey outside the airlock is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet and Clank found an airlock to the exterior of the Blarg Tactical Research Station. As Ratchet was unable to survive in the vacuum of outer space, Clank was sent to explore by himself. After a short trip through the exterior, Clank returned with a Hydrodisplacer.


Clank controls notably different from Ratchet, aside from being smaller and thus slower. He lacks the ability to double jump and any of Ratchet's specialized weaponry, though he can still use the Heli-Pack to glide. Begin by following the thin, swerving path across a fuel line to enter the first spaceship, but beware of the lone alien swarmer, for it is faster than Clank. Take note of the bolt crate to your left, as you can jump on it, and access a higher platform and smash some more crates. Exit through the rear and glide across the gap. After exploring, another fuel line awaits, leading to the next ship, where you will encounter a stationary alien snapper blocking a doorway. Ignore it and instead make your way behinds a series of pipes where you will find several glass cases containing Gadge-Bots. Break each one open to free them, and then they will begin to follow you.

Gadge-Bots are little robots that Clank can command using Button triangle.svg and the Button leftstick.svg buttons. Command these to destroy the snapper, which they will do with ease. Should any Gadge-Bots get destroyed, recover them from their starting location and then continue into the next room, where you will find a doorway blocked by a forcefield. You must order your bots to enter the machine with a large four icon above it. This number is an indicator as to how many bots are required to enter the port. Once all four Gadge-Bots have entered, the forcefield deactivates, allowing you to pick up the Hydrodisplacer and return to the airlock by crossing a newly opened bridge.

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