The Jobian Saur-Beast was a result of the Barlowian Saur-Beasts being discovered on Barlow and then sent to Joba for breeding. Because of the harsh Jobian climate, these beasts were a lot tougher than the ones found on Barlow, having a tougher hide and sharper teeth. The slight difference was that the Barlowian Saur-Beast's were a light purple in color, but these ones were dark purple. The Joba Tribesmen occasionally rode the beasts.

The Jobian Saur-Beasts were actually considered threats, as they were very tough and could take quite a beating. If accompanied with Joba Tribesmen, they were definitely not to be underestimated. They are also found within Joba's Gladitorial Arena, where they prove to be lethal adversaries.

Fighting styles

Normally, the Jobian Saur-Beasts could be found roaming about aimlessly, usually accompanied with Joba Tribesmen. If they spotted Ratchet, they would most often wander up to him, completely vulnerable to incoming fire, and attempt to bite him with their jaws. If such a bite landed successfully, it dealt a lot of damage, as the Saur-Beasts jaws were very powerful, but the attack was slow and easily avoided.

Another attack, their most deadly, and the one inherited from their Barlowian cousins, was a ferocious charge. If provoked or knocked back a considerable distance by Ratchet, the Saur-Beasts would charge at high speed, with their head low. As they trampled forward, they would buck with their heads, sending Ratchet airborne. This charge dealt massive damage if it landed successfully, but the weakness of this attack was that it was avoided easily by moving sideways, thus not making it a great option to take out the Lombax when he was wise to their strategy. However, if they attacked him while he was looking away or distracted by other enemies, it could be a very effective way of dealing Ratchet a mortal blow.