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Planet Jasindu in Praxus Sector was a jungle planet that was the home of the Kerchu species, with Kerchu City on the planet being the capital of the Kerchu domain. GrummelNet's Intergalactic Travel Guide considered Jasindu the worst vacation spot in the Polaris Galaxy, due to the Kerchu's habit of killing any outsiders who wandered into their building sites. The planet was rich with Gelatonium, and the Kerchu have several underground Gelatonium Plants near Kerchu City.

Although there was a large amount of Gelatonium plants, the game said that the Gelatonium Plant on Cobalia was the gel capital of the Polaris Galaxy.

Ratchet and Clank at the tropical Kerchu Fortress

After the battle of Fastoon, Max Apogee had the Dimensionator relocated in Kerchu City, to keep it away from Captain Slag and Tachyon. What happened to Max was unknown, but the Kerchu of Kerchu City were later guarding the Dimensionator.

Ratchet fighting Space Pirates on Jasindu

Many years later, Ratchet and Clank found out that the Dimensionator was hidden in Kerchu City. However, on their way there, they were followed by Captain Slag, who realized they were looking for "the Lombax Secret" and had his pirates invade Kerchu City, resulting in a fierce battle between the Kerchu and the pirates. Ratchet and Clank were encountered by a Kerchu Guardian controlling a giant robot, guarding the Dimensionator. They defeated the Kerchu Guardian, but the Dimensionator was stolen by Captain Slag.

Jasindu like many other planets was affected by time anomalies. It also appeared in A Crack in Time, when in the first level an announcement could be heard saying that it needed time repairing in the Great Clock.




  • Angela Cross: Re-located here when Tachyon was hunting for her.
  • Max Apogee: Hid here alongside the Dimensionator for an unknown period of time.

Native Race

  • Kerchu: buck-toothed beaver/rat like beings native to Jasindu.

Behind the scenes

Kerchu City was the first level developed for the game by the end of preproduction. Though it was functional by this point, it was unstable.[1]


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