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The Jack of All Trades was a high ranking henchmen of the Kingpin, acting as his personal bodyguard.

Role in Secret Agent Clank

Rise of the Kingpin's Criminal Empire

Originally native to planet Jorsey, the Jack of All Trades was such a notorious criminal that he was a wanted Robot on planet Rionosis, and the Agency had a file on him. The Jack of All Trades was also an active guest at the High-Roller Casino. He later joined the Kingpin's Criminal Empire to serve as the Kingpin's (i.e. Klunk in disguise) main henchmen, protecting him wherever he went.

Escaping Clank

Following the theft of the Eye of Infinity, several criminal associates later delivered the precious gem to the Kingpin in the Azcotal Alley on planet Rionosis, with the Jack of All Trades and a team of four Expatriots protecting the Kingpin. Clank eventually found the Kingpin, and stealthily took out his Expatriots, causing the Kingpin to flee to a nearby fountain. Before Clank could seize the Kingpin however, the Jack of All Trades arrived and knocked Clank out for a moment. He and the Kingpin then fled again, and the Jack of All Trades used his built in mortar cannons to destroy their escape route in order to stop Clank from progressing, although it merely slowed him down. Meanwhile, the Kingpin and Jack of All Trades boarded a Gondola, but Clank had boarded one himself, forcing the Kingpin to call in reinforcements to finish Clank off.

Confronting Clank

Realizing Clank would soon reach his boss, the Jack of All Trades decided to take out Clank personally while the Kingpin fled the planet. Having Clank cornered, Clank kindly asked Jack of All Trades to wait for him to tie his shoes. Before he had time to mull it over, Clank uppercutted him, leaving him disabled on the floor. Clank would discover a card from High-Roller Casino, giving him the information of the Kingpin's whereabouts.

Later, Qwark showed up and told B.A.R.N.E.Y. an exaggerated account of his fight with Jack. Jack's fate is unknown, although he was most likely arrested.

Weapons and Equipment

While having no actual powers of his own, Jack was equipped with a variety of deadly gadgets at his disposal to both protect his employer and fight on his own. These include:

  • Bowler hats that were concealed buzzsaws to tear enemies to shreds.
  • Razor-sharp cards that were thrown at opponents.
  • Mounted cannons on his back that either launched bombs or smaller henchbots.


  • Jack is probably based on a James Bond villain called Oddjob, due to the fact that both are henchmen, and both throw deadly hats.
    • The deadly hat feature could; however, have been based on the character Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat series who is known for a similar move.
  • Qwark also claimed he had laser eyes, but then took it back, saying he just had a very intense squint.
  • He was said to eat smaller henchbots. This was found out at the High Impact Games Treehouse.



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