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Iron Crotch Caruso's ship

Caruso, better known by his nickname "Iron Crotch Caruso", was a space pirate who Ratchet fought against as a boss in space combat at the Rakar Star Cluster.

Caruso's ship possessed great duarbility, being capable of surviving inside a star without damage. His attacks included firing electrical bolts, dropping bombs into the suns hot surface, causing flares to shoot out, and firing emissions of electricity in circular patterns. His weak point was accessed by firing at the small antenna-like device on top of his ship when he begun attacking with his electric wave emissions.


  • Iron Crotch Carusos' ship bore a small resemblance to the Visi-Copter.
  • Caruso was the only one of the three space bosses that did not shoot missiles and did not look like a skull.


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