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Ratchet using the Reflector against Ion Turrets

Ion Turrets were foes which were first encountered by the heroes on the Phonica Moon. Like other turrets, they were controlled by a robot pilot. The color of the pilots was purple. The pilots were sometimes Minions, but most seem to be loyal to Doctor Croid. Either way, they will all attack the heroes. Their form attack is to shoot multiple ion beams at anything that enters their sight. Ion Turrets cannot move, but they are always stationed right in front of a narrow pathway that the heroes must travel on. The heroes must run towards the Ion Turret, activate their Reflectors to avoid harm by the in blasts, and then run again towards the turret until they are in range to use a Plasmabomb Launcher; other weapons have no effect as the front of the Ion Turrets is weapon resistant. All Ion Turrets must recharge to fire again except for one located underground in the Phonica Moon, which is guarding a hero bolt. A few Ion Turrets are on tracks, so that they can move sideways. All Ion Turrets; however, require only one Plasmabomb Grenade to be taken out.


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