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Trophy: Zurkon Family Values
Defeat Mrs. Zurkon on Quartu Bronze

Investigate the factory is a mission in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) taking place in Skorg City on planet Quartu. After Clank disabled the security lasers, Ratchet and the Galactic Rangers could infiltrate the warbot factory. At the end of the factory, they fought Mrs. Zurkon.

Defeating Mrs. Zurkon at the end of the mission unlocks the bronze bronze trophy Zurkon Family Values.


Enter the warbot factory through the door and a cutscene will commence, after which you will end up in a corridor filled with evil Mr. Zurkon enemies. These enemies fire lasers similar to your own Zurkon and fly towards you in swarms, and are best dealt with using the Buzz Blades, Pixelizer, or area of effect weapons (and ironically, your own Mr. Zurkon can be effective defense). Head through the corridor and Cora Veralux will open a door to an elevator leading down.

Down here, you will find a Gadgetron vendor. If you have not purchased the Buzz Blades, and can afford them, purchase them here, as they are useful against most enemies. Head across the conveyor belt, jumping over the laser, to find a group of chompers, with more Zurkons arriving, easily defeated again with the Buzz Blades or Pixelizer. You will find a fueling station for your XK-81 Jetpack behind a forcefield, and thus are unable to access it. Instead, head to the conveyor belt on the right, head across, and take over the turret from the blarg troopers using the Groovitron, killing the rest of the blarg troopers. Before you head to the next conveyor belt on the left, instead operate the turret, and turn it around to shoot it at a metal, reinforced door surrounded by glowing green lights; destroy it to obtain the RYNO holocard found behind. Then, head across the next conveyor belt.

This conveyor belt will have lasers blocking your way; wait until the blue lasers vanish to pass them, and jump over the red lasers below to progress forward. Destroy the Zurkons here, jump across the platform and onto the next conveyor belt in front. At the end of this conveyor belt, jump across right to the next, head up through it (using the Thrusterpack to move forward as this one works against you) to reach a platform with several chompers and blarg generators. Destroy these, as well as the Zurkons and warbots that arrive, then reach another conveyor belt leading down to the forcefield. Use the Trespasser on the Invinco-Lock you find (disable the outer ring in the puzzle to connect the lasers in the inner rings to beat it), and you will reach a fueling station. Now, you can use the Jetpack.

Take the Jetpack straight up to the top and destroy the three warbots you find here (the Buzz Blades and Warmonger are effective from the air). A forcefield will then appear to block your way to Drek's office. Six more reinforcements will arrive. Once these are destroyed, warbots and Zurkons will emerge from the security room in the back, signified by a large, green door opposite the large orange forcefield and glass windows. Head inside here after they are destroyed and hit the green button, disabling the forcefield. A cutscene will play, followed by a boss battle.

Mrs. Zurkon

Mrs. Zurkon is a challenging boss fought with the Jetpack. She flies in the top level, and summons several smaller Zurkons to help her. She will fire large projectile blasts, which will home towards you, but can be dodged by ducking. When sustaining damage, she will summon an orange shield in front of her resembling a honeycomb, made of smaller Zurkons, which will fire projectiles in front until the shield is destroyed. When flying towards her, a burst of energy will surround her and knock you back.

When firing at Mrs. Zurkon, keep your distance and use ranged weapons such as the Warmonger, Buzz Blades, Plasma Striker (her critical weak point is the middle pearl on her neck), Combuster, or Predator Launcher, making sure you dodge her projectiles. Summon your own Mr. Zurkon to deal with smaller enemy Zurkons while you focus on the main boss. When she summons a shield, fly closer, dodging the projectiles, and use the Pixelizer (or Fusion Grenade if you are short on ammo) to destroy the shield and then resume firing. When low on health, fly around the sides of the area to look for nanotech crates, and also look for ammo crates to resupply your heavy hitting weapons such as the Warmonger. As long as you keep up the attack, dodge most her attacks, and keep your nanotech high, you should eventually beat her.

After you beat her, you can enter Drek's office, located next to the large, class windows. Before you enter, fly over to the left to find a door locked by an Invinco-Lock; use the Trespasser to unlock it (disable the outer ring and enable the two inner rings to then connect the lasers), enter and turn the bolt crank to reveal a room with a gold bolt across a pool of lava. Fly over and collect it, then head to Drek's office. Use the Trespasser to unlock Drek's office, commencing a cutscene. This will complete the mission, and you will have coordinates to the Deplanetizer, leading you to the mission "Infiltrate the Deplanetizer".