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Investigate the facility interior is an optional mission in Going Commando taking place in the Megacorp Armory, Todano. While exploring Todano, Ratchet and Clank decided to investigate the interior of the weapons facility. Inside the facility, they found the Sheepinator.

The path for this mission is required for "Bring Qwark Collectible to Armory Employee", found in the second room, in which the Armor Magnetizer can be obtained. A platinum bolt can also be found.


The mission is begun by crossing the bridge to the right, across the water on top of the dam, to reach the facility. Kill the mutant test-squirrels and enter the door to a room with a movable glass tower, and a laser wall blocking your path. To pass through the laser wall, use the Tractor Beam to move the column into the left end of the laser wall, blocking the wall and allowing you to pass through to a corridor. In the next room are two laser walls, two pillars, and an inspector bot. With the Tractor Beam, move the pillars to stop the laser walls, then move the inspector bot to open the door. Before you leave, move the columns to create to a passage in the top-left corner of the room, leading to the mission "Bring Qwark Collectible to Armory Employee".

After this, pass through the door that the inspector bot opened and take the elevator down to the next room. Megacorp Chickenbot v2.0 enemies can be found here, which are easily killed with most weapons. Afterwards, use the Tractor Beam to move the glass case, with a rocket inside, through the path in the floor to the slot in the wall at the end, and create an opening to a tunnel leading to another room. In this room, in addition to Chickenbots are Megacorp Troopers. Clear out the enemies as they warp in with any preferred weapon, then take the pillar on the right of the room to block the laser wall on the left.

Move the inspector bot to grant clearance to an elevator shaft, then take the floating platform up to another area with two glass pillars. Both need to be fitted into the correct slot in the wall. Move the larger pillar on the left to the end on the left, out of the way, then move the smaller pillar on the right along the left to the smaller slot in the back. Then, move the larger pillar on the right to the end of the room on the right to insert into the larger slot, causing the wall to explode and creating a path to another room.

In this room, the path on the right is filled with lasers, making it impassable. To cross, move a column to the conveyor belt, then immediately run alongside it as it blocks the lasers when it moves across the belt. Kill the Chickenbots at the end, and then take the path on the right across a bridge to another room, with three pillars and three slots in the wall. To cross this, first move the smallest pillar in the middle to the left slightly, then take the medium pillar on the right to the left and insert it into the slot in the middle. Move the smallest pillar on the left into the center path so that the outer path is free, then move the largest pillar on the left across to the right end and insert it into the slot on the right, then move the smallest pillar into the slot on the left. This will destroy the wall.

Behind it is a conveyor belt across a room with lasers covering the floor, and a single column. Move the column on the conveyor belt, then immediately jump on it and ride it across to an opening to a small room at the end. Destroy the many Troopers, then jump up the ledge on the right to find the Sheepinator and a teleporter back to the start.

The Sheepinator is a relatively useful weapon due to the fact it does not require any ammo, and is potent against smaller targets such as the mutant test-squirrels found here, though it is slower at defeating smaller enemies than the Lava Gun, and thus drops off fairly quickly. It is now possible to complete the skill point "Try to Sleep" on this planet.

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