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Investigate the Megacorp store is a mission in Going Commando taking place in the Megacorp Outlet on planet Oozla. After finding the entrance, Ratchet searched the store for information on the Unknown Thief, who had recently been seen robbing the store.


Using the Dynamo, activate the nearby green Dynamo activator to create a small elevator upwards. Enter the store's large entrance and use the Lancer or Chopper to deal with the mutant fireflies inside, then use the Dynamo on an activator to create an elevator upwards, then immediately hit the next Dynamo activator to create a floating platform across to the upper floor. On this floor, head right, and use the Dynamo activators to extend a series of bridges and cross to the other side.

Here you will find several glass showcases with mannequins inside. Defeat the mutant swamp beasts, and break the the glass for bolts, then head to a balcony outside with a path to another room. Activate the Dynamo activators in this room to cross, and you will reach a short corridor. At the end of the corridor is a grav-ramp leading up, but you cannot access this until you have the Gravity Boots. Instead, just break the crates, and half way through the corridor are two steps leading to a conveyor belt. Use the Dynamo to turn it on so that the door at the end opens, but make sure to jump over the boxes. Jump over the blocks that are laid out in a single row, and side step the ones that comprise two rows in one side.

Approach the final room to reach a large telescreen. A cutscene will commence, and you will obtain coordinates to the Maktar Resort. Use the Dynamo on the nearby block to make an elevator leading to a teleporter that will take you back to your ship.

If you have not already done so, complete "Explore the swamp ruins" now to obtain the Tractor Beam before traveling to the Maktar Resort. As you travel there for the next mission, you will instead be ambushed in the Wupash Nebula, and the mission "Destroy Thugs-4-Less Fighters" will commence.

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