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Investigate crash site is the first mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet was operating on his newly built ship and watched a ship crash nearby. Upon seeing this, he decided to investigate the site of the crash, which was where he first met Clank.

After completing this mission, the player cannot revisit Veldin's Kyzil Plateau until reaching the final mission of the game.


Ratchet is equipped with two weapons, an OmniWrench 8000 and a Bomb Glove. The former is automatically linked to Square, which allows the player to do a single wrench swing. By hitting it three times, the player performs a multi-strike, a three-hit combo with some small maneuverability if the Left analog stick stick is used, though it can leave your rear exposed to attacks for a split moment nonetheless. By crouching with L1 and then hitting Square, Ratchet throws the wrench forwards, a move known as a comet-strike. It automatically returns to him, but during this time, he cannot move and thus cannot dodge enemy attacks. Lastly, Ratchet also has a more powerful move called a hyper-strike, which is executed by pressing X to jump and then hitting Square to slam the wrench downwards a short distance in front of him.

Unlike the OmniWrench, the aforementioned Bomb Glove is equipped through either the start menu (Start) or with quick select (Triangle). It is a strong mid-ranged bomb weapon, though be aware that using it costs ammunition, which costs bolts, unlike the wrench, which is free. Just ahead from where you begin the mission, you can see several horny toads hopping around. They cannot travel to different ground levels, meaning you can easily avoid them from an elevated position, though they can also be easily taken out with the wrench.

Dispatch of any toads in the vicinity, while also breaking crates (several of which can be found inside Ratchet's garage) and collecting bolts. Advance further into the area, crossing a bridge and climbing up a platform on the left, then make your way across several gaps. You will now encounter a nanotech crate, which heals one of your hit points. Up ahead, you will spot two paths. To the left are remains of a ship, and to the right is a large number of crates with several toads—defeat these first, then smash the crates.

Upon entering the left path, you will encounter a new enemy, the electroid. These robots will hold a position from which they attempt to electrocute you with a mid-ranged beam of electricity. They will fire in your direction for a couple of seconds before powering down, making them vulnerable to a wrench attack. Their downtime lasts only a second, however, therefore you should proceed with caution. Nonetheless, the Bomb Glove is still capable of hitting them from afar, as they are stuck in a fixed position when they attack, and the Glove's range is greater than theirs.

At this point, ammo crates become available, allowing you to resupply if needed. Ahead are several more electroids, which you will have to destroy before you can proceed. There is a circular gateway ahead with two more bots inside, that will move away and alarm their comrades, after which they will all take a position and proceed to attack you. Destroy them all and approach the crash site to finish the mission.