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The Inventor,[1] also known as the Gadgetron scientist,[2] is a minor character in Going Commando. He was a Gadgetron Corporation scientist who worked on planet Barlow in the Bogon Galaxy, having invented the Thermanator and eventually getting himself frozen in a block of ice. Ratchet encountered him like this during "Scout the ruined machinery". When he was freed by Ratchet, he declared his invention a success, hoping Gadgetron would pay him millions of bolts. However, Ratchet mentioned to him that Gadgetron had not operated in the galaxy in years due to Megacorp's monopoly. The Inventor instead sold the Thermanator to Ratchet for 1,000 bolts before looking for job openings at Megacorp.[3]

The Thermanator scientist frozen in ice

The Inventor strongly resembles the Ultra-Mech Scientist from the Solana Galaxy and appears to share the same species with him and Fred. He appears very old, though it is unclear if his aged appearance stems from the time he spent frozen or if he was aged before. While he was disappointed that Gadgetron no longer operated in Bogon, he seemed willing to part with his invention for a much lower price than he was hoping Gadgetron would pay him, and he quickly jumped ship to Megacorp.


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