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An Insomniac Museum appears in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game), reached through a teleporter in Grimroth Razz' garage on Veldin in challenge mode. Unlike previous Insomniac Museums, this Insomniac Museum does not provide developer commentary, but rather, contains images, posts, and 3D models of past games in the Ratchet & Clank series developed by Insomniac Games.

The museum has a main hub and six different hangars. Each hangar is unlocked based on how many gold bolts are collected, though the first hangar requires none. Zooming in with the Plasma Striker does not display the HUD, allowing players to easily take screenshots using the 'Share' button on the PlayStation 4.


Main hub

The main hub is a long room first accessed with the teleporter, which will take the player back to Veldin when used. This contains the six large garage doors leading to the other hangars. Behind the teleporter at the start are three posters, depicting the Japanese cover art for Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal respectively, and one showing Rusty Pete eating a burger. There are two moving signs here, with the green sign on the left showing a one-eyed green alien, and the green sight on the right an advertisement for the XK-81 Jetpack.

Throughout the rest of the room, large boxes can be found with various signs etched onto them, along with gears, toolboxes, a miniature model of a grav-train carriage on Kerwan in the 2016 game, a statue of Qwark, and copies of his book Body By Qwark from Into the Nexus. There are also posters littering the room, including some on the boxes. Behind the box on the right closest to the start is a poster for the Galactic Rangers from the 2016 game. On the box closest to the entrance on the left are three posters with Japanese promotional artwork for Going Commando. Behind this box is Japanese cover art for Size Matters. Near the end of the room, the box closest to the 006 hangar has a poster for the Japanese release of Going Commando, and on the other side of the hangar are two posters of Qwark, one from his My Blaster Runs Hot game in A Crack in Time, and another showing him for All 4 One without the other heroes. To the right, behind the boxes at the end of the room, is a poster for hoverboard racing in the 2016 game, and one poster of Courtney Gears.

The end of the room has five large screens in front of a terminal, which switch between images from the original Ratchet & Clank cutscenes. These include images of Ratchet and Clank on Veldin and Kerwan, an image of the Plumber on Batalia, the Commando on Batalia, Qwark in his trailer on Rilgar, Chairman Drek in his flagship, Al in his roboshack, the Qwark bot on Kerwan, Helga von Streissenburgen on Kerwan, Fred in both the Blarg Tactical Research Station and Pokitaru, the Robot Lieutenant on Eudora, the Resort Owner on Pokitaru, Bob on Pokitaru, Edwina on Hoven, Darla Gratch on Oltanis, and the scientist in the Blarg Tactical Research Station cutscene. Curiously, it also has images of two-eyed tyhrranoids on Veldin from Up Your Arsenal. These images seem to cycle entirely at random.

Hangar 001

The first hangar labeled 001 requires no gold bolts to unlock, and argely contains imagery from Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. Behind the hangar door is a large poster with Ratchet and Clank battling the leviathan on Sargasso, along with a sign for the "Sargasso Swamp Adventure Park" to the left. Also to the left of the door is a model of the Smuggler's ship behind a cardboard cutout of concept art of him. Next to a pile of boxes is concept art of Rusty Pete, and a model of a robot civilian on Metropolis in the early 2006 Games Developer Conference reveal of Tools of Destruction To the right of the door is a huge tank with the Light-Eating Z'Grute from All 4 One.

In the room on the right is sand, with several space pirate chests and coins, along with a character model of Rusty Pete and more concept art. Behind him are a series of images from Rusty Pete's storybook in the cutscenes for Quest for Booty, including the Zoni taking Clank, Ratchet fighting alongside Talwyn Apogee, Ratchet after defeating Emperor Tachyon, and Captain Angstrom Darkwater finding a card from the Zoni. At the very back of the room is the space pirate organ used on Merdegraw in Quest for Booty, with a large Qwark logo to the left of it stashed behind more copies of Body by Qwark and Qwark's PlayStation 2 character model inside a box.

The left of the room has two tanks to the right of a box, with one containing several drophyds, and another containing deadly creatures. This also contains Emperor Tachyon's walking robotic throne, along with an image of him and his Imperial Army destroying the lombaxes used for a cutscene in A Crack in Time when Alister Azimuth explained his mistakes.

Hangar 002

Hangar 002 requires 10 gold bolts to unlock, and mostly features cutscenes from the game around the room, which can be rewatched. At the end of the room are three bonus cutscenes: two Japanese commercials for Going Commando, and a commercial for the 2016 Ratchet & Clank. The room also has posters of concept art, and one of the artwork for Mr. Zurkon and the rest of the Zurkon family.

Hangar 003

Hangar 003 requires 15 gold bolts to unlock, and has a large mix of artwork. Above the door is a large poster for All 4 One, with Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Nefarious, and around it is posters of concept art.The wall also has a Qwark clock first featured in Into the Nexus. Around the door are a few miniature models of ships from the original game, including Ratchet's homemade ship and the courier ship on the left, and the rocket tank and Qwark's tour shuttle on the right.

The room contains many models from throughout the series. In the center of the room is Grim's workstation featured in the 2016 game, with the axebot from the original game on top of the boxes. On the right is a stash of escape shuttles on Quartu in the original game, Aphelion from Tools of Destruction, and the RYNO VI Protosuit in All 4 One. At the back of the room is a large screen of the promotional cover for Quest for Booty, with a miniature decoy from the Decoy Glove from the original game below it, and a large model of a large red tank. The left of the room has models of the cannonball tank and Mr. Micron's ship when crashed from the 2016 game.

Concept art posters are littered throughout the room. On the back wall by the entrance are posters of Ratchet's homemade ship from the original game, the Ephemeris from All 4 One, the Megacorp Headquarters from Going Commando, a Light Eating Z'Grute from All 4 One, and the leviathan from Tools of Destruction. On the boxes in the center of the room are posters of the Thugs-4-Less from Into the Nexus, a location, and enemy robot designs from the original game. At the back are posters of Qwark, Al, and the Blarg Tactical Research Station from the original game, along with designs of the Thugs-4-Less from Into the Nexus, and another design from All 4 One.

Hangar 004

Hangar 004 requires 20 gold bolts to unlock. It contains a series of models, and is littered with Decoy Glove decoys from the original game. Above the door is a large screen of a promotional image for Tools of Destruction with Ratchet fighting the Kerchu Mechwrecker on planet Jasindu; the same Mechwrecker appears in the room just to the right of this. To the left of the door is a model of Helga from the original game, and on top of the boxes is the watch with an image of Kaden and Alister Azimuth seen in A Crack in Time.

Around the room on the right are three models of Aphelion upgraded by the Zoni in A Crack in Time, a miniature model of the blarg fighter that Ratchet uses in the original game, models of the chompers in both the original and 2016 game, and models of the Zoni on the end in front of concept art of them. To the left of the room are models of the Kerchu Mechwrecker from Tools of Destruction, the extermitank on Rilgar in the 2016 game, the Thugs-4-Less helicopter from Into the Nexus, and a small model of the HelpDesk Girl from the original game. The back of the room has a large poster of Ratchet and Clank looking at Metropolis, a promotional image from Tools of Destruction.

Concept art also appears by the door and at the back of the room. By the door are concept art posters of a kerchu and of the Great Clock. At the back of the room are posters of a Thugs-4-Less helicopter from Into the Nexus, a location, and concept art of the Zoni and Alister Azimuth from A Crack in Time.

Hangar 005

Hangar 005 requires 25 gold bolts to unlock.

Above the door at the back is concept art from All 4 One, showing the four heroes fighting the Light Eating Z'Grute. The two boxes by the door have posters of a location concept art and promotional art of the Japanese release of Up Your Arsenal, with Ratchet driving a turboslider and a Galactic Ranger shooting from the turret. At the back of the room is a large, green, Q-Force structure from Full Frontal Assault, with a cardboard cutout of Ratchet from the Japanese release on.

Concept art is littered throughout the room, with many locations from throughout the series. Interestingly, etched on the boxes just to the left of the door are concept art of Otto Destruct and Giant Clank from Size Matters.

Hangar 006

Hangar 006 requires 28 gold bolts to unlock, and is the densest room, and notably contains models of all weapons from the original game. Above the door is a large screen with two screens next to it showing Japanese promotional art, with the image in the middle showing promotional art for Size Matters, the image on the left for Up Your Arsenal, and the image on the right for Going Commando. Several screens are seen throughout the room. On the right, screens for Deadlocked and Full Frontal Assault are seen, and at the back is a screen for Into the Nexus.

Models for all weapons ang dgetsfrom the original game can be seen, along with Decoy Glove decoyss throughout. To the right from the start is a box containing the Visibomb Gun and five of its missiles, while the left has a box containing models of the Tesla Claw, Suck Cannon, Pyrocitor, and Devastator, as well as the Nitro Launcher from Up Your Arsenal. In the boxes at the back are models of the sand mouse summoned by the Sonic Summoner, the Glove of Doom and three of its agents, the Grind Boots, Bomb Glove, the O2 Mask, the Swingshot, and the Mine Glove. In one of the boxes in the middle on the left side are models of the Hydrodisplacer, the Trespasser, Ratchet's OmniWrench 8000, the Blaster, and the Morph-o-Ray. A box on the left of the room has models of the R.Y.N.O., the Morph-o-Ray, the Walloper, and the Taunter. To the back-left corner of the room is a box containing ammo of each of the weapons. There are also models of three weapons from Into the Nexus in a box in the middle: the ??, the Winterizer, and the RYNO VII.

There are also arcade machines (with All 4 One images around them) containing screenshots of several past games, found throughout the boxes in the middle. On the right of the boxes are arcades with the original game, Going Commando, and Up Your Arsenal. The original game's machine has screenshots of Ratchet on Veldin, Ratchet on Novalis, Ratchet on Kerwan, and Giant Clank on Quartu. The Going Commando machine has Giant Clank on Lunar City, Ratchet on Todano, Ratchet on Damosel, and the fight with the Mutant Protopet on Yeedil. The Up Your Arsenal arcade has Ratchet on Marcadia, Ratchet fighting Scorpio in the Annihilation Nation, Ratchet fighting with Galactic Rangers on Rilgar, and Ratchet on Koros. Behind the boxes is an arcade machine with Deadlocked. This includes Ratchet fighting Shellshock on Kronos, fighting on Orxon, and on ??. On the left of the boxes are arcades with Tools of Destruction, A Crack in Time, and All 4 One. The Tools of Destruction machine shows Ratchet fighting the kerchu and other enemies on on Jasindu. The A Crack in Time arcade shows Nefarious with the Zoni on the Great Clock, Clank using temporal recordings, and Qwark taming Snowball. The All 4 One arcade shows the group fighting enemies.

There are also other models throughout the room. The large axebot and the sawbot from the original game can be found. A model of the taxi in the original game is found near the door, and on the right of the room is a model of the shuttle used to travel to the blarg warship in the Blarg Tactical Research Station in the original, and also used between areas in Aquatos in Up Your Arsenal. At the back of the room are several platforms from the Meero Orphanage in Into the Nexus. On top of the boxes in the middle of the room are action figures of Dan Johnson.

As with other hangars, concept art is featured. The back of the room contains concept art from Into the Nexus, including Vendra Prog and Neftin Prog, several nethers, and the poster of Ratchet with a target on his head seen in Neftin Prog's hideout on Thram. More pieces of concept art are on boxes near the door, showing locations.

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