Infobots are a recurring item in the Ratchet & Clank series. They are small robots that contain recordings or broadcasts, as well as coordinates to the planet of the recordings' origins. Their video contents are played when their mouth opens to reveal a flat square-shaped screen contained inside, after expanding their metallic jaws.

Infobots first appeared in the original Ratchet & Clank, in which they play a major role in the storyline by providing Ratchet and Clank coordinates to every other planet. They then have a much smaller role in later games, but sometimes make appearances.


Ratchet & Clank

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Sam holding up an Infobot.
Infobots play a major part in the storyline and provide a video with coordinates for every planet. Ratchet and Clank find infobots on various locations and interact with them, viewing a broadcast or recording on each one. After playing their video, they are then stored by Clank in his radiator core, and the video for each planet can be played on the planet's map screen. They were produced by Gadgetron Corporation.[1]

The infobots' shoulders resemble the Button circle.svg button of a PlayStation controller.


Like in the original, infobots play an important part in the story and still serve the same functions, such as playing transmissions and providing Ratchet and Clank with coordinates to new locations. These infobots are identical to the ones that appear in Into the Nexus.

Going Commando

Infobots are no longer used to acquire coordinates for every planet in Going Commando, and are instead replaced with normal screens, TVs, and radio transmissions. Instead, they play a minor role, as Clank's admirer, a female infobot with a love interest in Clank, makes an infrequent appearance throughout the game, even once aiding Ratchet and Clank escape the Thugs-4-Less flying prison on Aranos.

Going Mobile

In Going Mobile, Infobots are used in the digital world to gain coordinates for Secret Agent Clank locations, such as the Maktar Casino. They are commonly placed near infolinks, which allow access to the main network hub.

Tools of Destruction

An Infobot in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
In Tools of Destruction, infobots are used in two instances, both provided by Qwark who steals them from Emperor Tacyhon. One is found on Fastoon and provides a broadcast of the Imperial Fight Festival and gives coordinates to Mukow, while the other is given by Qwark on Mukow and provides coordinates to the IRIS Supercomputer. These new infobots resembled binoculars when completely inactive and they played videos by opening their mouth like a lid rather than expanding it. One of the two was badly damaged and could not open its mouth, and could only be played through Aphelion.

When unlocking Tools of Production, these infobot models are placed around various levels to play voice clips from Insomniac Games employees.

Into the Nexus

Infobot - Into the Nexus.png
An infobot in Into the Nexus.
An infobot appears once and gives Ratchet and Clank the coordinates to planet Kragg, which contains the Thugs-4-Less arena, Destructapalooza. It is found on planet Silox.


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