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The Infiltrator is an item in Going Commando. It is a Megacorp handheld item that is used to hack into locks and vaults based on Trespasser technology. This is done using a sphere with nodes at appropriate intervals, and Ratchet hacks into a vault by connecting a line from the starting node back to itself before time runs out. Only one solution is possible, forcing you to use trial and error.

The infiltrator has a single handhold on the rear of the device, with a small screen above it to view the hacking process. This all connects to the centerpart, which features three protruding key-shaped protrusions for inserting into Infiltrator locks.


Ratchet holding the Infiltrator.

The gameplay when using the Infiltrator.

Ratchet obtained the Infiltrator in the Megacorp Games on Joba, after beating "Cage Match for the Infiltrator", the second challenge, and had to subsequently use it to exit the arena. He then used it on Todano in "Search the rocket silo", to enter the gates blocking the minefield in front of the elevator down to the silo. Afterwards. In "Turn off forcefield" on Aranos, Ratchet used the Infiltrator to open the door to the path to the force field.

In "Search the Distribution Facility" on Smolg, Ratchet used the Infiltrator to open a force field that blocked his path. Later, in "Explore the caves", Ratchet used the Infiltrator twice to open doors through the caves on Grelbin. Finally, Ratchet used the Infiltrator dring "Break into Megacorp Headquarters" on Yeedil, to open a door inside the Headquarters blocking his path.

Ratchet also used the Infiltrator to obtain nanotech boosts in Megapolis on Endako, as well as on Todano.

Behind the scenes

An Infiltrator lock.

The Infiltrator was programmed and designed by Insomniac employee Peter Hastings all on his own.[1] Its puzzles were easy to author and implement, particularly in comparison to the Electrolyzer designed by Mike Stout, which was more bug prone and took hours.[1][2] This is why it is possible for the player to create a custom Infiltrator puzzle in the Insomniac Museum. The ease of creating the Infiltrator's puzzles inspired the Hacker in Up Your Arsenal, which were designed to make its minigames very easy for developers to create.[2]


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