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Infiltrate the secure area is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet expressed his interesting in infiltrating the robot factory, but was unable to do so due to the Sentry-bots guarding the facility. Upon finding out about the Hologuise he set out to find it, and then returned to planet Quartu to begin the infiltration.


Remove the enemies guarding the entrance, make sure your new Hologuise is in your quick select menu and equipped, and enter the factory. Wave (Circle) at the Sentry-Bot patrolling behind the barrier to get it to deactivate it, then quickly backstab it before moving on. Sentry-bots will try to activate the security system by pressing an alarm button, which causes a series of vents to release many fast and homing energy bolts, which can only be avoided by leaving the room entirely. The robots themselves can fire very fast energy blasts, but have a low rate of fire and lack armor despite their size, not to mention even the OmniWrench 8000 can easily stagger them. This is even easier when you use the Hologuise to sneak into their midst, and that they will not notice Ratchet if he stands behind them.

Continue infiltrating the facility, which is a fairly linear route, occasionally using your Hologuise whenever a Sentry-Bot is about to face you (or outright rushing them, if you can stop them from reaching the button). Once you enter the building properly you will encounter Sentry-bots that walk in and out of side rooms, requiring you to time your approach. Keep in mind to always equip the Hologuise when going through closed doors or around corners. Near the end you must use the Swingshot to reach a platform with one lone robot with its back to you, and two walking out of a room on each side of the platform. Deal with the first quickly while the rest is away, equip the Hologuise to fool the returning robots, then deal with the remainder one by one. To continue you must use the power slam function on a power slam switch, defeat a final Sentry-bot in the second-last room, and finally reach the end and meet Clank's mother.

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